UPND Deputy Spokesperson Patricia Mwashingwele has asked Zambians to give her party an opportunity to government, and end corruption.

And Mwashingwele has challenged Vice-President Inonge Wina to explain where the money which was collected for the construction of the new city market is.

Speaking when she featured on Radio Christian Voice’s ‘Chatback’ programme, Monday, Mwashingwele called for the women in government to speak on behalf of their fellow women.

“I want to urge the women out there, you have challenged us to say we are not speaking on national matters. Maybe now I should even challenge a fellow woman, the Vice-President Mrs [Inonge] Wina. They collected a lot of money for the city market, where is the money? It belongs to us, it belongs to the women at the city market. Who is going to account for those monies? It is a fellow woman who is running that office but she not coming back to us to tell us. She said six weeks but as UPND we gave her six months. Look at city market, it’s a shell of its original status. How do we sustain our lives as women? The few women that are in leadership must be able to speak on behalf of the women,” she said.

She noted that President Edgar Lungu was failing to call the shots and end corruption.

“Our number one quality is that we have a good head, a good leader. Hakahinde Hichilema is going to lead us where we need to go. The PF is suffering because there is a crisis at the head. There is a crisis because someone who needs to call the shots is not calling the shots. Certain people in PF, if I was President today, believe you me, I would have fired them. There is a lot of corruption. There is a lot of poor planning,” said Mwashingwele.

“Let the Zambian people give the UPND a chance and they will see a big difference. We are promising them a big difference. Our driving force as UPND is a clear vision that we have for the people. We have a very strong leader who has risen from nothing to something. And that’s our strength. The quality of our leader who knows that you don’t get things without working for them. We are promising the people that we have a clear vision. We want to improve the quality of the Zambian people. We are not a poor country, we just misused our resources.”