A plethora of stars of Zambian surgeons has descended upon the Paediatric D-Block theatre at the UTH to assist in the operation of the Siamese twins, Mapalo and Bupe. The father’s are here including Prof Lupando Munkonge, Prof Tackson Lambert, Dr Chadwick Ngwisha and Prof Sultanov.

Other include Senior doctors Prof James Munthali, Dr Penuis Tembo and Dr Mwanahamutu. The front line surgeons, led by Dr Bruce Bvulani also include Dr Robert Zulu, Dr Vernon Vernon M Pashi and Dr Mulenga Mulewa, Dr Dilbur and Dr Brown-Oranmore Ray. Anesthesia is led by Dr Christopher Chanda, Dr Feruza Ismailova, Dr Dildora, Dr Sompwe, Dr Zubair and Dr Mumpasha.

Sisters are led by CNO Josephine Chimpinde, Sister Peggy Mashikati, Rebecca Kamboyi, Lucy Nampungwe, Felix Kamuchungu and Yvette Chulu. The floor staff includes Richard Siambilu and Gift Mudenda.

On-going consultations between the operating team of Dr Bruce Bvulani and Dr Robert Zulu and the Senior consultants Dr Chadwick Ngwisha, Prof Lupando Munkonge and Prof Tackson Lambert. Meanwhile Dr Penius Tembo is doing a Cut-down. So far so good. Glory to God.