UPND Whip Garry Nkombo says Chifubu PF member of parliament Frank Ng’ambu is morally, legally and academic bankrupt for moving a motion to limit the number of times a presidential candidate can contest.

And Nkombo says if any UPND member is attacked by ‘morons’ from PF, they will defend themselves.

Speaking at a media briefing where the UPND received defectors from PF and FDD yesterday, Nkombo said the motion was senseless.

“Mr president [HH], I wanted to address a very small matter, taking advantage of the press about one member of parliament for the unfortunate people of Chifubu. I call them the very unfortunate people of Chifubu in Ndola, because people have to be educated that when you choose a representative, the word representative must actually kick in. Frank Ng’ambi has been coquetting and squeaking about some stupid private members motion. What I’m told is that he wants to move a private members motion to stop anyone who has not made it to presidency after contesting for some time. It is a senseless motion because it is against the Constitution. And only a foolish Parliament can admit such a motion,” Nkombo said.

Nkombo said Ng’ambi had caused a huge embarrassment to his people.

“Mr president, if I brought out a stupid motion you will be the first one to censure me. And so by extension I’m driving this matter to Edgar Lungu who is a lawyer. When a member of parliament misdirects himself and starts agitating to bring a stupid, moron-like motion, that is anchored on discrimination against the dictate of the constitution, it means that the people that they represent are very unfortunate. If you people in Chifubu are listening to me, I would to say that Mr Frank Ng’ambi has caused you a huge embarrassment,” he said.

“I have moved motions in parliament. And in the last three months the whole country knows [that] I moved a motion to urge government to pay student loans at the University of Zambia and Frank Ng’ambi was among those who voted against that motion. I also moved another motion to pay the retirees in this country who are dying of poverty. Frank Ng’ambi was one of those who voted against the motion. The vice president by the way voted with us but they went and threatened her and the next day she came and apologized for doing the right thing. What kind of people are these?”

Nkombo said Ng’ambi was a morally, legally and academically bankrupt MP.

“Mr Lungu has allowed a morally bankrupt MP, a legally bankrupt MP, an academically bankrupt MP in the name of Frank Ngambi to do what the constitution does not allow to do. The constitution will never allow, maybe he just never read this document. He must understand that reading is important and is not illegal. Now this constitution, allow me to read very quickly. In the preamble, the last part of the preamble says ‘we the people of Zambia confirm the equal worth of men and women and their right to freely participate in, determine and build a sustainable political, legal, economic and social order’,” he said.

“This same constitution, on article 99 and 100, it’s here. Frank Ngambi stop embarrassing yourself. That quietness I think there is something boiling in your head. Article 99 and 100 does give us the qualification of one to run as a president. It also gives us, at 100, the disqualification. And this issue of one not managing to take state house even when they have won elections is not among them. This is what happens when people have run out ideas.”

And Nkombo said the UPND would defend themselves if any of them was attacked by the PF.

“And to take advantage of this moment, Steven Kampyongo, this same constitution allows people to associate freely. We have discussed this in our privacy and you know that. We do not want to hear anyone being beaten by these morons from your party PF. Because we will defend ourselves. The time is up. Mr president you have been too soft for too long. This battle should not be left to you alone. To our members, let’s emulate the president who has the backbone of steel, who has an attitude of never say die. Because it’s darkest just before dawn,” said Nkombo.