There is no evidence that the PF leadership is involved in corruption, says Patriotic Front deputy media director Antonio Mwanza.

And Mwanza says the former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba and the NDC leader Chishimba kambwili’s allegations that the PF is corrupt show that the two are still weeping after loosing their ministerial jobs.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s ‘Talk On Monday’, Mwanza said there was no evidence that the ruling party was corrupt as the opposition was alleging.

“If you look at the issue of corruption, we have had this problem of corruption since independence. Corruption is a societal problem, corruption is all over the world. We have heard a lot of people that have said ‘no PF is corrupt, this one is corrupt’, we have challenged them [that] can you bring the evidence. We know and understand that the opposition in this country have nothing to sell. The only thing they can do is to talk about corruption because they think [that] by talking about corruption then somehow the people of Zambia will have a perception that the PF is a corrupt political party,” Mwanza said.

“But we are not blind, people are not blind. The reports of corruption are public, the Auditor General’s report is a public document, the Public Accounts Committee report is a public document, the Financial Intelligence report is a public document. All these documents are public and there is nowhere where the PF leadership is involved in corruption, nowhere. I can challenge anyone to produce that evidence, they will never produce it.”

And Mwanza said Kalaba and Kambwili’s corruption allegations against the ruling party showed that the two were still weeping after loosing their ministerial positions.

“Harry Kalaba and honourable Kambwili, I would like to say those are weeping, it’s a funeral. Those two will keep on crying, leave them. Do you know that loosing a job is a big thing? You where once a minister and you were fired? So those are crying. When they are tired of crying we will wipe their tears. We will just give them more tissue to wipe their tears,” said Mwanza.