Lusaka Province UPND youth spokesperson Gilbert Liswaniso says he has no intentions of harming Antonio Mwanza who is just a diaper in the PF.

And Lusaka Province UPND chairman Obvious Mwaliteta has advised Mwanza to tone down because he will soon be sidelined in the ruling party.

On Wednesday, PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri charged that Mwaliteta and Liswaniso had a meeting where they planned to harm Mwanza

But in an interview, Thursday, Liswaniso said he could not stoop so low to harm Mwanza who was a diaper in PF.

“I can not even remember the day I was with Mwaliteta [him] being the provincial chairman for Lusaka province. Secondly, I can’t stoop so low to go and kill my colleague who is in PF. We are not evil like them so we will never do that. Ba Mumbi Phiri should produce that recording because I can’t remember. And it is unfortunate because I’m not in Lusaka, I’m in Luapula. Let them deal with matters concerning the Zambian. They are fighting the economy of this country and not with the UPND. Who is Antonio first of all and what has he done for the country? Antonio Mwanza is just a diaper in PF so we don’t care about him,” said Liswaniso.

And Mwaliteta challenged the PF to produce evidence that such a meeting occurred saying he had never even worked closely with Liswaniso.

“That’s a lie. In fact, I wasn’t in Lusaka. As I’m talking to you, I’m at the farm. I don’t work with Liswaniso and I have never worked him. Even when you search my phone, I don’t even have his number. I’m above such kind of politics of injuring someone. I’m not a youth anymore. I’m a provincial chairman so I don’t deal with the issues of the youths and as UPND, we are discourage violence at all cost. If there is that recording can they bring it out. Why are they keeping it?” Mwaliteta asked.

“As UPND we have not seen any value in him. He came to see HH and demanded for a salary and the boss said ‘no, even bena Mwaliteta are not on salary why should we give you a salary’? That’s why he went to NDC to negotiate for a salary and NDC refused. He then went to people [PF] who are desperate and they offered him. He should enjoy it quietly. My name as Obvious Mwaliteta should not be brought in issues like. By the way what value has Antonio Mwanza brought to PF that UPND should feel jealous? I do not see him to be anything politically because I have achieved a lot in politics.”

Mwaliteta advised Mwanza to tone down.

“I have never injured anyone in my life that today I should be a danger to Antonio Mwanza. Let Antonio Mwanza do his politics freely without thinking of other people injuring him. If anything, he is scared of his shadow. He has said a lot of things because of the salary he was given. He has injured a lot of people but I’m not part of the people he has injured. He should tame his tongue and choose which words to utter. He should not wish anyone, an innocent soul to die in prison. That man is a parent, leader, has sympathizers, he will injure a lot of people because of a salary. He should talk about policies which PF are not doing well because he is one of the people who condemned PF two months ago. The salary should not make him crazy because sooner or later he will be sidelined. He can mark my words,” he said.

Mwaliteta said he could not wish anything bad to happen to Antonio.

“I cannot wish for a bad thing to happen to Antonio Mwanza. I want him to live and see how the policies of UPND will turn this country around. I want him to differentiate from the PF where he has gone today. I want everyone, all the PF members who we left because of the things which were not going right in PF to be witnesses of what will happen when UPND takes over government,” he said.

And commenting PF Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba’s remarks that PF youths would take it upon themselves to protect their members who were being threatened by UPND if the police failed, Mwaliteta said he was ready for them because God would protect him.

“They can do that. They are used [because] they have killed so many. As UPND we have received threats so if they want to kill me let them do that but that wont change anything in the country. I can not be threatened. The same God he prays to that’s the same God I pray to, so he will defend me because I’m innocent. They put me in jail for one year but I’m here in good health but if Kamba thinks he can use the youths to come and attack me, he is welcome. I’m ready for that because God is with me. And the police will never take them seriously because what they are talking about is not true. If they had a recording where I was discussing those issues, by now I would have been arrested with evidence,” he said.

Mwaliteta said Kamba, Antonio and Mumbi Phiri were not at his level because he was once a minister.

“Tell Kamba that Mwaliteta says that you won’t do anything to him because he is innocent. I don’t discuss evil against people. I talk about politics, I talk about Kampyongo. If things are wrong I tell Kampyongo that what he is doing is wrong. I don’t talk about Kamba because he has never been a minister. I have been a minister for five years. Antonio Mwanza has never been a minister so he is not my level. I will talk about colleagues at my level like Kampyongo, Chitotela and not Antonio, Kamba or ba Mumbi Phiri. They are not at my level,” said Mwaliteta.