Ka Edgar nika kawalala, ngati kafuna kani peleke ku court nili na evidence (Edgar [Lungu] is a thief! If he wants, he can take me to court because I have evidence), UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba told his supporters yesterday.

And GBM says if elections were held today, UPND would win by 73 per cent.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says President Lungu is “Koswe Mumpoto” and his party will go ahead to move an impeachment motion.

Speaking at the UPND secretariat during the launch of the Lusaka Province mobilisation programme, GBM charged that President Lungu was a thief.

“PF is a dead party, it is gone, it is finished. I am sure you all believe Hakainde Hichilema, GBM and the entire leadership of UPND. What we said in 2015, 2016 up to today. We told you that this so called government will not take you anywhere. Those of you who have defected, I am sorry to say this, I am sure you realise that you gong’ad yourselves (you fooled yourselves). Mwenze mwazigo’nga. Tenze kumiuza ati kantu aka nika kawalala, ka Edgar Lungu. Nika kawalala. Ngati kafuna kani peleke ku court. I have evidence that he is a kawalala. Natu minister twake tonse nitu kawalala tu Kampyongo (we told you that this little man is a thief, Edgar Lungu is a thief. If he wants, he should take me to court because I have evidence. Even his ministers like [Home Affairs Minister Stephen] Kampyongo are thieves). Now we have evidence before us. That is the evidence we are going to use not too long from now,” GBM said.

“Ninabauza not too long from now that imwe tukawalala. They steal with impunity. Surely you can steal US$1 million pali ka fire tender ka US$250,000? Uzaona Edgar, niku uzilatu natu minister twako nabanzako bamene abo ulinabo, tuma PS twalemela overnight. Ine neenze mu PF, niziba wamene enze na ndalama nawamene enzelibe. So we will just ask them that ‘Edgar mwana, paja ninali kuchosa K2 iwe unakamba ati ulibe manje lelo wachosa kuti ndalama? (Edgar you will see, together with your ministers and your PSs who have gotten rich overnight. I was in PF and I know who had money and who didn’t have money. For Edgar, I can just ask him ‘when I was removing K2, you said you didn’t have so where have you gotten the money today?)’

he said Zambians should blame themselves for electing a leader who confessed that he had no capacity to run the country.

“Ka Edgar kalimyebele ati ine nilibe strategy, mwalekapatikisha (Edgar told you he had no strategy but you forced him). Ine I blame you Zambians, don’t blame Edgar in fact, blame yourselves because he told you that he had no capacity to govern this country but you forced him there. We as UPND don’t want to cry over spilled milk so let us move forward, we need to remove them,” he said.

“Tiyeni tubombele pamo. Natwishiba ati aba naba filwa, nitukabolala. Tu kabolala lekeni myebe, nga tukafika ku 2021, bakatu shila ama problems muli cino chalo pantu bakalya indalama shonse (Let us work together because these people have failed. They are thieves and if they make it to 2021, they will leave us with a lot of problems in this country)…ba PF niba kabolala, bamunshibila insala…they have overtaken us being rich with stolen money but stolen money takes you no where.”

He promised that the UPND, once in government, would recover all stolen funds.

“Mwisakamana imwe ama Zambians tukesamipokela ulupiya. Any money involving fraud leaves a trail, it shows you where it came from and where it went. We will see where Edgar’s money came from, even if he changed names 20 times, we will find it. All the presidents used to steal but not in this way. In the history of Zambia, Lungu is the biggest thief we have ever seen. He has stolen all our money but we won’t allow this at all. They must be ready, even those who are assisting them to steal, [Dr Fredson] Yamba at the Treasury, be ready, you shall be called to explain very soon. We want to know where our money goes. We will carry out a forensic audit at the Ministry of Finance to make sure that every coin that was paid out should be accounted for…so start preparing the prisons,” said GBM.