United Progressive Peoples party (UPP) leader Saviour Chishimba says he will soon expose a PF rigging blueprint for the 2021 elections.

And Chishimba has charged that the largest opposition political party, UPND, is more corrupt than the PF.

Speaking during Prime TV’s Oxygen of Democracy on Monday, Chishimba slammed the proposal to printing ballot papers in Zambia and claimed that the PF had a plan to rig elections which would be enforced during the 2020 census.

“Regards that proposal [to print ballot papers locally], it may not necessarily be a bargain but, look at the lack of transparency and accountability in Zambia. Zambia has dropped by nine points meaning there is more corruption in Zambia. UPP is vindicated day by day; in fact we are also proud that we have managed to sensitize the people of Zambia. I know that me as a leader of UPP I’m paid the highest price. I’ve been in prison, state operatives broke into my home, and they took two laptops and all the documents, including their own corruption documents that are all they swept out of the house. I want to urge Prime TV to organise a program where we can talk about 2021 grand rigging plan. We don’t support any printing whether it will be in Zambia or outside. As long as [this is] not addressed, the corruption issues in Zambia we will not have trust in that,” Chishimba said.

“We want to come and expose the grand rigging blue print, we have it. Which they have come up with for 2021. The grand blue print and the rigging will start with the 2020 census. We have all the details but I think that one is so important that we need another program to come and talk about it so we are a step ahead. We did announce in 2016 that we are a step ahead.”

And Chishimba called UPND the most corrupt political party in Zambia, charging that it was composed of criminals.

“UPND is even more corrupt than the PF. UPND is worse than the PF, we have drug traffickers in there, and you have people who are killing, bloodshed. They defect from MMD and go to UPND and become main advisors. It’s the worst political party and worse than the PF itself. They are deceiving the people of Zambia and they are telling us can you stop attacking yourselves in the opposition. Opposition are thieves, drug traffickers, violent men, and sick people. That is opposition against the people of Zambia. We are standing with Zambians. This battle has started. You know them. The reason I’m saying that UPND is worse than the PF itself, give us the next two to three months, let the Intel to bring us evidence and then you will see,” said Chishimba.