Abamano babomba nabamano banabo, ifikopo nafyo fibomba nefikopo finabo, so the PF have brought ifikopo finabo from MMD to join in stealing public resources while the original members are being thrown out, UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka has charged.

And Mucheleka says when President Lungu was deputy minister in the office of the Vice-President, he used to run away from question to answer session in Parliament and would instead go to drink beer at the National Assembly bar while Guy Scott would be looking for him.

Meanwhile, former local government minister Sylvia Masebo says if citizens allow government to print 2021 ballot papers in Zambia, they should know that PF will be in charge of the printing process because there is no separation between the government and the party in power.

Speaking when the duo feature on a live Radio Mano programme in Kasama on Wednesday, Mucheleka mocked PF members for allowing MMD to come back, takeover the party and chase Sata’s people away.

He said those who were clever like him, Masebo and GBM were flocking to UPND where there was wisdom while dull politicians were rushing to PF where there was dull leadership.

“Abamano babomba nabamano banabo, ifikopo nafyo fibomba nefikopo finabo (clever people work with fellow clever people while dull people enjoy the company of fellow dull colleagues). Even in school, there are groups. If you have a child who is in group three, he has to fight and go to group one ukuli abamano. IF you don’t interact with those in group one, you will go nowhere. These people who were in MMD are muselela kwakaba. That is why the ministers you have here and MPs are the same people who were insulting PF. They were saying Sata cilishilu cikaleta inkondo, men will be marrying fellow men, and those with big breasts will be chopped off and thrown in the river,” Mucheleka recalled.

“But today those people who were saying that have gone back to PF after Sata died. These people in MMD were stealing in broad daylight. That is why Zambians rose and chased them by voting for Sata in 2011. But soon after he got sick, the MMD regrouped and took over the PF through Rupiah Banda. Through corruption they have sold the country like they sold their party to MMD.”

He observed that PF under President Lungu was using politicians and discarding them.

“They have used Mutati and thrown him to the Ministry of Works and Supply where his job now is to count old government chairs which have been eaten by cockroaches and servicing government vehicles There is nothing for him there. They also used Kambwili to campaign here in Northern Province, then threw him away after Sata died, saying he is corrupt,” Mucheleka said.

He charged that former president Banda used President Lungu to regain control of government, adding that it was not true that he was Sata’s preferred successor.

“PF should not lie that Sata left PF in the hands of Edgar Lungu. We were with Lungu in 2011 and he was a nobody in Sata’s government, he was far away, not even in Cabinet. When he was given the position of deputy minister in the vice-president’s office he was failing to answer questions in parliament. I was in Parliament, Honourable Masebo is here; you can also ask GBM. We even knew when question and answer session came in parliament, Guy Scott would be looking around asking other MPs ‘where is my minister?’ Then he would be told he is in the Parliament bar drinking,” claimed Mucheleka.

“PF is here to advance corruption and they have sold the country. These people know nothing about governance apart from making money for their pockets. They are just milking the country to death with taxes. They promised lower taxes, but after Sata died, they are introducing new taxes everyday. How can a party claim to be pro-poor when they are chasing marketeers from their trading places? They used you, you voted for them and now they are chasing you.”

And Masebo said President Lungu only knew how to party.

“You have a leader that is enjoying life; dancing and singing and enjoying himself. He doesn’t see the importance of production or being productive as a country. That is why you are seeing all this confusion in the country,” she said.

She also urged Zambians not to allow government to print ballot papers locally.

“There is no separation between government and PF, so if you allow government to print ballot papers in Zambia, that will be the same as allowing PF to print ballot papers for an election that they will also taking part in. There is no way any Zambian should be expected to trust a criminal government like PF to print ballot papers here. If you allow that, you will see Kaizer going in there to grab ballot papers and no one will stop him,” said Masebo.

“I am here to tell you that you have no leadership as a country. Lungu is worse than Rupiah Banda, I worked with RB and I can tell you. Just look at your pocket, look at your family, look at your tummy, you will see that before Lungu came you had a big tummy, but now your tummy has gone down, Lungu’s tummy is bigger than yourself. That is why we are telling Zambians to wake up and liberate yourselves, don’t wait for the politicians to tell you what to do.”