NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has charged that the PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri is a lunatic who survives on handouts from President Edgar Lungu.

And People’s Party president Mike Mukologoti says Phiri is dreaming that the PF can rule for over 100 years because Zambians regard them as thieves.

On Monday, Phiri bragged that the PF would rule for over 100 years because they had done a lot of good things for the Zambian people.

But in an interview, Kambwili was just hallucinating to please President Lungu.

“Do you take what lunatics say as plain truth? Some people are lunatics so just forgive them. They can say that…and it is typical of people who don’t win elections. You find yourself in Parliament by way of nomination, kulasabaila (you keep hallucinating) to please the power. So you forgive such people. If Mumbi Phiri was not appointed deputy secretary general by Edgar Lungu, where could she have been today? Mumbi Phiri survives through handouts from Edgar so she will say everything to impress Edgar. Nga niba nyinabo bakalavota ba kateka 100 years kaili ni banyinabo baka lavota bali beshiba (if it’s their mothers who will be voting then they will rule for a 100 years because they know them). But if its the people of Zambia let’s wait and see,” Kambwili said.

“If it is their mothers who are going to be voting, biological mothers, they will rule for 100 years. So to even to even answer to a statement like that I think its a waste of time because some people you just let them say certain things and you don’t answer them because when you answer them you make their statements legitimate. It is even a matter of wasting time to answer people like Mumbi Phiri.”

And Kambwili said youths should unite to kick out the thieving PF government.

“NDC is the party for the people and youth day is the day for all youths in Zambia. They are participating in all the districts. Youths should unite and kick out out this thieving government. Government yaba kabolala ba pompwe munshibila insala!” said Kambwili.

Meanwhile, Mulongoti said, in a separate interview, that Phiri was dreaming.

“It is a dream. You can’t stop people from dreaming. What has PF done to deserve that? They have messed themselves to a point where every citizen looks at any PF leader as a thief. So how do you expect to keep a thief looking after your economy and you continue giving stewardship to people who are dishonest? To think like that is wishful thinking and full of dreams that are unrealistic,” said Mulongoti.