A one-year-old baby of Serenje’s Chozi village in Central Province is nursing serious wounds on her face after being burnt with porridge by her parents’ landlord after they failed to pay K50 rental arrears.

Central Province Police Commissioner Joe Njase confirmed to News Diggers! in an interview, explaining that the suspect who could only be identified as Bana Paul, is also a teacher at Kamwala Primary School in Serenje.

Commissioner Njase explained that police had been waiting for a medical report from a local clinic where the complainant had taken her child before effecting an arrest.

“Yes we have received a case of assault to the effect that a baby girl was burnt on the face by pouring boiling nshima, leaving the minor with severe burns on the face. This was after the complainant failed to pay rental fees to the Landlord who also happens to be suspect in this case. The incidence occurred yesterday, March 18, 2018 at around 19:00 hours in Zambia compound, Serenje. A female named Nambela Kiliness age 25 years of unmarked house in Zambia compound, a house wife also of Chozi village in Chief Nawaitwika reported on behalf of her daughter Justina Namwinga that she was assaulted by a Bana Paul. The suspect who is said to be a teacher of Kamwala Primary School owns a house in the same area which she been renting to Mr. George Simwinga (father to the victim) of Zambia Compound in Serenje district. Other details I will give you later because we have to wait for a medical report from the victim before effecting things like an arrest,” narrated Njase.

Reports from other sources have revealed that the landlord began by throwing around her tenants’ belongings from the house on Sunday evening before finally getting a hot pot which was burning on the brazier to pour it on the baby who was being held by her father.

Meanwhile, the baby’s father Simwinga, who pays K25 as monthly rentals, explained that he was saddened that such inhuman behaviour could be shown to him by his landlord over a K50 rental arrear.

Simwinga has since called on local authorities to intervene in the matter and ensure that justice prevails.