Chiengi FDD member of parliament Given Katuta says she is more than excited that government has finally lifted the fishing ban, saying its the only source of income and livelihood for his people.

And Katuta has appealed to government to inform the people at least three months before implementing a fishing ban to prepare them as opposed to imposing it abruptly.

Recently, Katuta held a press briefing where she protested the prolonged fishing ban saying government’s reasons for extending the ban were flimsy and unconvincing.

However, on Sunday, Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya announced that government resolved to lift the fishing ban after successfully curbing the spread of cholera.

Dr Chilufya said government would continue monitoring any threats that may lead to revisiting the decision.

And in an interview with News Diggers! yesterday, Katuta said she was excited that the fishing ban was finally lifted because it was the only way that her people generated their income.

“I’m more than excited [that the fishing ban has been lifted] because that’s the only livelihood that our people have. That’s the only way they can generate their income. It’s good that government has lifted the fish ban before even the 1st April which was indicated. Initially it was 30th April which we fought with other members of parliament from other provinces then it was said by the government [that] it will be lifted by 1st of April. We still went back in Parliament and petitioned the government that the people are suffering. [So] I’m very excited. Even if our people have lost out on the past three weeks I’m very excited that they will still be able to do something before it gets cold. You know when the water gets cold the fish goes in the depth and then there will be no fishing,” said Katuta.

“I just want also to remind the government that these are the people who voted for them, they should not do things abruptly. Even in homes we consult, we inform our children what we want to do. What they should do from now, they should be informing our fishermen or our people at least three months before the fish ban. ‘We are likely to do ABC’ so that they prepare themselves unlike what happened. However I would just say [that] at least government has listened, though it’s not really the best time that they have listened but we are grateful as people of Chiengi.”