Bane kuno naisa njishile mukumyeba ukuti nomba ni panga for panga, UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba told Chilanga residents yesterday, where he and party president Hakainde Hichilema went to drum up support for its candidate Charmaine Musonda.

And GBM has asked electorates in Chilanga not to listen to the PF when they visit the constituency to decampaign the UPND candidate due to the mistakes she committed in the past, saying what Charmaine did is not different from what information minister Dora Siliya has done in the past.

Mwamba who also condemned the corruption being promoted in the PF leadership, advised the UPND supporters not to just sit back when attached but defend themselves as well.

“Chilanga lyonsefye ni UPND stronghold. Ndemitasha sana, mwikaleka ukuvotela UPND kabili mwikaleka ukuvotela Hakainde Hichilema. Eicho fwebambi natwima, fwe ba Bemba bene bene abasikopo, not utu tu bemba twatemwa ukufukama kuli ka Edgar, ine teti nje fukamako. Ngabafukama babapela envelope ya brown abati ebakateka aba, ala ka Edgar eko ningaya fukamako? Abaume bene bene ni aba (Chilanga has always been a UPND stronghold and I thank all of you for that. Please don’t stop voting for UPND and Hakainde Hichilema.That is why some of us real bembas have stood up, not these little bembas who like kneeling for Lungu. Me I can’t keel for Lungu. When they kneel to Lungu then they are given brown envelopes, they come and say these are the leaders. But real men are these [pointing at HH]).”

“Mwebena Chilanga twalabomba naimwe muli iyi one month yaisa. Tatulefwaya nokukokola kuno ilelo pantu tu PF twalaisa kuno mukupanga ichongo. Lelo ifwe ngabatupanga ichongo nabeshiba ati tulebaponona, nabeshiba ati natuipekenya naifwe. Filya bailetuchita ku Luapula nakumuchinga, batubutusha ubushiku bonse…bane kuno naisa mukumyeba ukuti ni panga for panga. Where someone cuts off your ear, even the Bible says you should retaliate. So naimwe kubacita ifyo fine aini babe? ( We are going to work with all of you Chilanga residents during this coming month for campaigns. And we don’t even want to take long here because we know that the PF will come and cause chaos. But even if they do, they know that we are going to beat them up because we are also prepared now. The way they treated us in Luapula and Muchinga provinces where they made us run the whole night…I am here to tell you that this time around it’s machete for machete. Where someone cuts off your ear, cut off there’s as well because even the Bible teaches us to retaliate. So you should also do to them what they do to you,” GBM said.

And GBM warned the residents not to listen to the PF when they go to the constituency to campaign against Charmaine using her past mistakes.

“A lot of people will come here, especially the PF. They will all come to talk about Charmaine and the mistakes she has made. But when you hear that, ask them also to explain whether the ministers they have in government are responsible. People. Ifyo Muleeba Charmaine ati alichita bushe Dora Siliya tachitapo? (What you are saying Charmaine did, hasn’t Dora Siliya done it before?) How come they (PF) have also appointed Dora when she has also committed the acts that Charmaine has been accused of. And then ask them also to tell you the person who has never made a mistake before. Because even all of us as we are assembled here, there are people among us who are just doing exactly what Charmaine is being accused of,” GBM said.

“The other thing that PF will do when they come here is to destroy Charmaine’s name. So they will come and tell you that UPND is a party for Tonga’s. But me that is speaking here, am I Tonga? Bushe Charmaine Mutonga? Limbi mwamona ifi akashike ati Mu Tonga ala ni Charmaine Musonda, waku Kasama (is Charmaine Tonga? She isn’t. Don’t just look at her light skin colour and say she is Tonga. Charmaine is Bemba from Kasamba). So have you seen what people do when they fail to govern? They start looking for faults in other people. Of all the things they promised you in 2015, 2016 and 2017 they haven’t fulfilled anything. Elo balecita ifyabupuba ati Hakainde atemwafye umutundu uwaba Tonga. Bushe tamwamona ati mu UPND emo twaba fweba Bemba (and they want to start arguing that HH only likes Tonga’s because his party is for Tongas. But haven’t you seen that there are also bembas in UPND)?

He insisted that supporters needed to defend themselves from PF violence by fighting back.

“You should defend yourselves, mwilakwata umwenso pantu umwenso tawakamitwale nangu kumo (don’t be scared because fear will not take you anywhere). Nangufye akashishi nga wakanyanta lelo namailo wakanyanta kuti kakusuma (even an insect can bite you if you keep on provoking it always). So naimwe nga baminyanta, naimwe ubushiku bumo mufwile ukuchita react (so even you if they continue provoking you, you should also react one day)”, said GBM.