United Party for National Development (UNPD) Spokesperson Charles Kakoma says Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo live in an imaginary world where he thinks that PF is the most popular party in the country.

And Kakoma says the ruling party has no other message for the people of Chilanga in the upcoming Parlimentary by-elections apart from the message of character assassination against the UPND’s preferred candidate, Charmaine Musonda.

Responding to Lusambo’s statement where he was charging that there was no existing opposition political party that was capable of challenging the PF in an election, Kakoma told News Diggers in an interview that the minister was living in an imaginary world where the truth did not exist.

“The last election was a serious challenge to the whole PF and in our view as UPND, we beat the PF. They just won through manipulation and that’s why we took them to court. He (Lusambo) cannot be talking about lack of a serious opposition in this country. The opposition is there and it beat the ruling party in 2016. Lusambo is living in an imaginary world, he’s not in Zambia. As you know, nearly half of this country… if you look at how people voted in 2016, nearly half of the country is UPND controlled. So if Lusambo thinks there is no opposition, how come they lost the elections nearly half of the country in 2016? So he’s just behaving like an ostrich burying it’s head in the sand and exposing the whole body outside and enemies will come and attack the whole body,” Kakoma said.

And Kakoma said the PF had no message for Chilanga residents apart from assassinating Musonda’s character.

“The PF are having it tough in Chilanga, they have got no message to tell the people of Chilanga. Because since PF came to power, they have done nothing tangible in Chilanga. All they are doing is now character assassination, that is their main campaign message. Just character assassination and no real issues or projects that they are promising the people of Chilanga,” said Kakoma.

“And that argument from Lusambo is out of reality. Chilanga has been a UPND stronghold for a long time. Even in 2016 when honourable Keith Mukata stood on the UPND ticket, it was already a UPND stronghold. We’ve held it for a long time. Honourable Mukata won because of the UPND and not because of the MMD structures. So let them believe that because it will help us to beat them easily. If they are ignoring us and our structures in Chilanga, that’s fine and it is going to work for us.”