Former chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has written to President Edgar Lungu, requesting to be exempted from the oath of secrecy so that he can freely tell the Zambian people what has gone wrong in the country.

In a letter which he personally delivered to State House Wednesday afternoon, Kambwili sought to be freed of the Oath of Secrecy so that he could publicly compare Cabinet decisions under President Lungu and those under his predecessor, Michael Sata.

“I write to your esteemed self to request your Excellency that I be granted special dispensation from your Cabinet and that of the late president Mr Michael Chilifya Sata (MHSRIP).
Your Excellency, as you may be aware, all proceedings in Cabinet are by their very nature secret and cannot be subject to public debate and it is for this reason that I seek your permission in writing that I be released from my oath of secrecy. You will appreciate your Excellency that Zambia is going through an unprecedented period of hardship ranging from very high taxes, unemployment, extremely high debt levels, state sponsored violence and unprecedented grand corruption among many other vices which I have openly accused you as President of not enabling but actively participating in,” Kambwili wrote.

“While I actively participated in many debates and meetings while I was a member of your Cabinet. I am now duty bound to bring to light to the Zambian people the number of issues which arose in your Cabinet meetings and those chaired by Mr Sata in order for the Zambian people to differentiate, understand and fully appreciate why our country is experiencing such an unprecedented period of the above vices I have brought to light and why we are experiencing this grand corruption with you at the helm of government unlike during the time of Mr Sata as President.”

He stated that the people of Zambia deserved to know how certain decisions were arrived at.

“Your Excellency, you will appreciate that we have equally seen many reversals of policy issues since the death of President Sata under your leadership such as the corrupt hand over of the Kasumbalesa Border Post and compensation to the Israelis which is (Kasumbalesa) the highest money spinner in terms of border entry points. The people of Zambia surely deserve to know how this decision was arrived at by Cabinet and they surely deserve to know the under currents that motivated the same,” wrote Kambwili.

“Your excellency, you will appreciate that your releasing me from my Oath of Secrecy will no doubt bring to light your complete exoneration from all the accusations you today face especially of grand corruption or will no doubt show the Zambian people that you are an active participant in grand corruption and theft. I look forward to your urgent response on this matter for the sole benefit of the citizens of this country who today keep wondering what has happened to their country under your presidency. I would be most grateful if you would humbly give your express consent to my above request. Yours in national service, Hon Chishimba Kambwili.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili yesterday pleaded not guilty to contempt charges leveled against him by Chilyfya Tayali in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court.

Tayali accused Kambwili of tampering with evidence in a matter which is before magistrate David Simusamba.