President Edgar Lungu says he wants to be different from his predecessors by delivering promises to the people of Zambia.

Speaking when he officiated at a tree planting exercise at Chankunkula Primary School in Chelstone, Saturday, President Lungu observed that Zambian people were tired of talking and wanted to see action.

“From 1964 to date, we have had how many Presidents? I am the sixth one and each President gave his own programs. Each President said back to the land, back to the land, of course I don’t want to begin casting out aspersions on my parents and grandparents and all those, I want to
be different. I want to see when I say guys let’s work, we work. When we say we want to deliver, let’s deliver,” President Lungu said.

“This is the time to cut the talk. It’s time to stop talking and start acting now.”

The President said he expected his ministers to lead the cleaning exercises.

“We have agreed that once every month, we will be doing the cleaning and I expected to find the Ministers, Honorable [Bowman] Lusambo probably in Chawama, Honorable Jean Kapata in Chilanga and me alone and the school authority doing the clean-up and making sure that they people
appreciate what we said.”

“I came here dressed up geared not to deliver speeches, not to say anything but to work and see that the programs we have launched, namely; the plant a million tree initiative and keep Zambia clean, green and healthy program are being implemented. These two programs which are supposed to be siamese twins. You cannot plant trees without knowing that you want to sustain to environment. Why do you want to sustain the environment? We want to sustain the environment so that we are healthy, productive and progressive.”

And speaking at the same occasion, Lands Minister Jean Kapata said her ministry was committed to ensuring that the tree-planting campaign were supported.

“Your excellency, I would like to state that my Ministry remains committed to support this campaign. With this regard, my Ministry will ensure that we plant different species of trees. We shall also endeavor to provide technique support for tree plant in learning institutions in order to ensure that we achieve the objectivity of the initiative such as the Zambia plant a million tree,” said Kapata.