The International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigations (ICFI) says the Presidency in Zambia has being reduced to nothing.

In a statement to News Diggers! Sunday, ICFI professional government liaison director for Africa Prof Gibson Mwewa stated that the office of the President is being mismanaged.

“The Presidency is the highest constitutional office of our land and Country – Zambia. It is an institution in its own right. The way the presidency is managed and presented speaks volumes about the stature and state of the nation. The actions of the President and the presidency as a collective institution are a direct reflection of the quality of expertise that contribute and guide the president and the presidency on all decisions be it public, corporate or private,” Prof Mwewa stated.

He stated that once a person is ushered into the office of president, he ceases to make personal plans and programs because he becomes state property.

“The president from the day he is ushered into office, he or she becomes a property of the state. He ceases to make his own plans and programmes. His/her steps are ordered by constitutional expectations and are guided By State House advisors on a wide range of headings ranging from security, economy, social to even what type of food is served. The quality of the actions and outcomes of the decisions undertaken by the president are a reflection of the advice and guidelines he/she receives from the team of advisors surrounding the presidency,” he stated

Prof Mwewa observed that it had become abundantly clear that several revelations surrounding the presidency were a sign of unprofessionalism among the advisors.

“After careful consideration and analysis, it is becoming abundantly clear that several revelations and ongoing happenings surrounding the presidency are unfairly (to some extent abusively) being blamed on the President. STAG loan sovereign guarantee. It looks like no professional due diligence was conducted on the capacity of STAG to deliver the loan to Zesco with same level urgency under which the president was guided in order for him to sign the STAG loan sovereign guarantee,” he stated.

“Surely, if the loan was urgent due to a critical need that bordered on the currently running short of power supply if such a transaction was not secured – how can Zesco directors, Attorney General, Ministry of Finance, the presidential advisors and the security wing fail to see through the lack of capacity to deliver the loan on the part of the contracting party in this case Stag African Investments Limited. Surely, how did the full amour of the Presidency advisors fail to see that this whole thing was not adding up given the urgency of the matter?”

He observed that State House was being exposed to a lot of illegal deals which were of personal gain.

“It is unfortunate that half-baked advisors in the president’s office, who are trusted with solemn and grave national responsibilities/duties, are causing the name of His Excellency the President to be associated with a number of flawed actions and outcome such as the eSwatini Land Gift, the leaking of ConCourt decisions and the confusion on tge political dialogue process,” said Prof Mwewa.

“The lack of expertise and skills in the handling of some above stated and many more matters of national importance is a worrying development which is lowering the stature of the Presidency. We call upon all well meaning Zambians, the Church and Civic Society to consider championing the need for a reformed presidency team to help the President run the country with a professional stature and the respect that his office deserves.”