Tell Stephen Kampyongo that he is a subject of that Financial Intelligence Centre report and he should be very careful the way he comments on the matter, National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili has warned.

And Kambwili says the Ministry of Home Affairs is facing a lot of problems currently because the minister in charge, Stephen Kampyongo is a Kabova who was just picked from the Katondo street of Lusaka and placed at the Ministry without experience.

Reacting to Kampyongo’s threats that police would arrest Kambwili if he protested naked against the anticipated dismissal of Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Director General Mary Tshuma, the Roan parliamentarian said the minister did not have the moral right to say anything about the FIC because he was one of the people cited in the institutions trends report for financial crimes.

Meanwhile, Kambwili warned that Kampyongo’s days of threatening people were numbered.

“First of all, tell Kampyongo that he’s a subject of that report and he should be very careful the way he comments on that report. Kampyongo should not think that the people of Zambia are stupid, he is the last person who should comment on that report because he is in that report on issues of corruption and money laundering. So he should not even be saying anything about Mary Tshuma,” Kambwili said.

If Kampyongo thinks he’s a star, his days are numbered and very soon, he will cry. So tell him to have some sense of shame. He is part of that report and he wants to be commenting on it. You know, the problem of this government is that they think the people of Zambia are so dull. Kampyongo should not even have the audacity to talk about that report because he has been mentioned in that report. Some of the issues in that report relate to him. In fact, Kampyongo is not even supposed to be Minister of Home Affairs by now. In a normal country he should have been fired a long time ago.”

He said the country was having a lot of problems currently because the minister in charge of Home Affairs is a Kabova (thug).

“Tell Kampyongo that let them try to fire Mary Tshuma, they will regret the day they were born. And Kampyongo must not speak contrary to the President, the President yesterday said he had received the report and nobody has been mentioned in that report, and as far as he (President Lungu) is concerned, the report from FIC is a good report. So how can Kampyongo then be saying ‘when we are going to deal with Mary Tshuma?”

“You see, that boy (Kampyongo) is a Kabova, Kampyongo is a Kabova from Katondo streets, that’s where he was changing money. And that’s why we have a problem because we have a Kabova for a Minister of Home Affairs. The earlier kampyongo is removed from that position and taken where he belongs, the better for this country. He has become like a Spokesperson of PF, when anyone says something about PF, he’s the one to respond. Is he the only who knows how to talk? Tell that boy ati elakula umutwe, we have had people abakulile umutwe (tell Kampyongo not to grow bigheaded, we have had people who grew bigheaded before) but where are they today?”

He reminded Kampyongo that he would not stay in power forever.

“Tell him that he will not be in power in perpetuity, threatening people all the time. Who can Kampyongo threaten? Tell Kampyongo to fire Mary Tshuma first, I challenge them to fire Mary Tshuma and they will see what is going to happen. They think they will only have to deal with Kambwili? They will have a lot of people to deal with, there are NGOs, the donors, the international community… this isn’t just about me. I really feel sorry for Kampyongo, I feel sorry for that boy,” said Kambwili.