PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says she will start working on getting pregnant immediately so that she can shame the “stupid idiots” in the UPND who keep spreading a false rumour of her non-existent pregnancy.

Yesterday, a Facebook-based gossip page called “Koswe” published an article alleging that the nominated member os parliament was heavily pregnant, and quoted her saying she would not campaign for PF Mayoral candidate Miles Sampa.

“Heavily pregnant Patriotic Front party Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says she regrets getting pregnant at old age. She says her legs are getting swollen and she has lost her appetite terribly except the ‘bedroom’ appetite. Meanwhile Mrs Phiri says once she delivers she will take on the opposition with her tantrums but that for now they must enjoy her absentia. And Mumbi Phiri says the Patriotic Front party was losing focus because the grassroots were not with the party,” read part of the gossip article.

“But kwena PF yapwa ababapo ba Sata, Miles Sampa would have been stopped from contesting, pantu Miles Sampa lisaka sana and you will not hear me campaign for him, uyu Miles alitumpa because I remember calling him that iwe stay mu PF but he was busy jumping all over… and today you want me to tell people ati vote for Miles Sampa? And you don’t know limbi Miles Sampa is on a mission in the party pantu he is not stable and he cannot do anything for the people bana bandi,” Mumbi was quoted as saying.

However, the ruling party’s deputy chief executive called News Diggers! yesterday after reading the article to express her disgust and summoned a photographer to go and take a picture of her flat tummy.

“These online media, me they will not manage me. Even if I am pregnant so what? I am in a production age. Can they be surprised if Hakainde’s wife got pregnant? Is he not married? It is very suprising that this ‘koswe guy’ who is believed to be UPND, is saying I am very much pregnant, the pregnancy which started two years ago. First they were saying I aborted in South Africa, at the same time there was another story that I had gone to India [and that] even my husband followed me to go and abort. So I am asking this koswe guy who is UPND, which is which?” she wondered.

“By the way let me ask the UPND, can they be surprised if they heard that Mrs Hakainde Hichilema is pregnant? Isn’t she married like me? Can that be a story? I am a married woman and I am in a productive age. Why should it shock people if I am pregnancy or even if I was pregnant? Can you be in a football match, you are in a pitch 24/7 [and] you expect somebody not to score? Anything is possible because I am married. So please UPND, you can never break me. I am a very strong woman and one thing you should know [is] I am protected by God. If you have God’s protection, nobody can bring you down. You will be talking behind me gossiping Mumbi Phiri this and that, mind you I am a Catholic where we respect the holy matrimony which is marriage. I have been married for 28 years with four children. So what can surprise you if I got pregnant?

She said she was going to immediately going to start working on getting pregnant with triplets in order to shame her critics.

“Let me tell them [that] I will start working on getting pregnant so that we see what they are going to say, because I am in the productive age. And I can assure you [that] if I don’t get pregnant it’s because God hasn’t allowed it, but if he has allowed it, I have started working on the pregnancy. I want to be pregnant with triplets [so that] we see what these foolish idiots are going to say,” she exclaimed.

“Let us talk about politics which will bring food on the table. And let me remind them that they will be talking about me behind my back [but] what I know is when you are talking, you just become noise makers because God is protecting me, he is promoting me in front of your faces. You have seen what God has done for me. I am deputy secretary general of the ruling party, and again I am a nominated member of parliament out of 17 million people. So I have God’s protection, you will never succeed. And I will start praying that God gives me triplets, and I will deliver at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital.”

And Mumbi said she was going to campaign vigorously for Sampa.

“If I had any message for Miles I could have told him in his face and if they think they can create enmity between me and Miles, they are wasting their time, because I don’t talk about people behind their backs. I know that liars will not enter the kingdom of God, gossipers will not inherit the kingdom of God. If I had issues with Miles, I could have talked to him direct, that is what I do if I have an issue with anybody. And if they think we are going to lose by starting making malicious stories, I can tell them that Miles Sampa is going to win 100 percent. And we will campaign, we will make sure we leave no stone unturned. How can I refuse to campaign when I am the deputy SG of the party? That is why these people can never win an election because they are very dull,” said Mumbi.