Chief Justice Irene Mambilima is also a foreigner who is aiding and abetting an identity thief, which makes her a criminal, New Labour Party president Fresher Siwale charged yesterday.

At a media briefing jointly held with People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti, All People’s Congress leader Nason Msoni and United Progressive People leader Saviour Chishimba in Lusaka, Sunday, Siwale charged that Chief Justice Mambilima was a criminal.

“When I saw that there was a crime that had been committed, I expected the institutions to protect me as a whistleblower and investigate the criminal act of identity theft that had happened. What did I see? the very institutions are the ones that were arresting a whistleblower and protecting a criminal. This pattern has continued in this country. Recently, we have seen the summoning of two citizens, Bishop John Mambo and Gregory Chifire for contempt of court. Now these are whistleblowers. Bishop Mambo is a whistleblower, Gregory Chifire is a whistleblower. They wrote to the Chief Justice to inquire into the Savenda judgement. What did the Chief Justice do? Summon them for contempt. But I am not surprised that the Chief Justice summoned the two whistleblowers, it is because she is presiding over a rotten Judiciary. The Judiciary is rotten to the core. When a fish rots, it begins from the head so the rottenness begins with Chief Justice Irene Chirwa Mambilima,” Siwale said.

“I can ask you as journalists, do you know who Irene’s father is? Go and check her profile…her profile is blank on her father, on her mother, and for a very long time, her profile read her husband’s village was Petauke not until 2015 then she found a village in Chiwoko, the National Service camp in Katete. So who is Irene Chirwa Mambilima? We cannot have a Chief Justice we do not know. All these years, she had no village, not until 2015, what does that mean? It means that our Chief Justice has lied on oath. By lying on oath, she has committed an offence, it is a criminal act. Because that brings in question her nationality.”

He asked Chief Justice Mambilima to resign on moral grounds.

“If there is nothing to hide about her nationality, Ireen Chirwa should have clearly stated that she was born in Chiwoko or maybe she was born in Chiwoko in 2015. Now at her age, she is supposed to know exactly who she is. Now if you have a Chief Justice who does not know who she is, then it becomes a problem. Two, Irene Chirwa Mambilima was principal at Legal Aid when she employed Johnathan Mutaware as Edgar Chagwa Lungu so she must explain her role in the construction of the identity theft that involves Johnathan Mutaware. By abetting a crime, she is also a criminal and this country cannot afford to have a Chief Justice who is a criminal. And on moral grounds, Irene Chirwa must step down as Chief Justice because you have no morality to hold that office. On moral grounds, you step down because your identity is in question, your nationality is in question and your integrity is in question. That office requires a person of high moral standing. A person of integrity which you are not. If you want to challenge me, I will name your parents and when you entered Zambia and where you entered Zambia from,” he said.

And Siwale charged that Zambia was failing to progress because President Lungu, Chief Justice Mambilima and other heads of key institutions were refugees.

“Worse still, we allow these refugees to take up leadership like Irene Mambilima, Irene Chirwa. Emily Muntabi Sikazwe, a refugee who came in 1990 can run your elections. Are there no Zambians that you can entrust your entire election to a refugee? These are refugees! How have we allowed these refugees to take over our country? To mismanage our lives? To drive us into poverty? Don’t we have citizens who can run this country? And the reasons why oversight institutions in Zambia are failing like Parliament, the Judiciary itself, ACC, Drug Enforcement [Commission], police, because we have surrendered these institutions to refugees. Go and do your research, you will find that the ones who are running these institutions are refugees, we cannot continue in this path. As Zambians we need to claim our institutions,” Siwale said.

“This ka ball of refugees which is pretending to govern this country does not even care whether people die, whether people eat, as long as they can fly to Mombasa with prostitutes on the beach. Is this the way we are going to manage our country?…So the ka ball of refugees who are stealing from us must go.”

Siwale, who is currently in court for a charge of Defamation of the President for alleging that President Lungu is an identity thief, insisted that the Head of State’s real name is Johnathan Mutaware.

“We have the information, we have the facts. We are not being malicious, we know when Johnathan Mutaware crossed the border coming here with the mother who was a concubine to Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s father. We know what we are talking about,” said Siwale.

Meanwhile, Msoni said President Lungu was lucky to have served Zambia as Head of State despite being a foreigner.

“In a normal country, if you had any conscience, you should not even be reaching out for a third term. You should be grateful for what you have, you are lucky as a foreigner. Just go, you have had your portion. Mukwama, all those are fake villages, you are Malawian. And these people in Petauke who you are using don’t even benefit from your stolen proceeds. We are aware and we have all the details of vehicles that are transporting food stuffs to your relatives in Malawi through Muchinji border post, we have and we know all the drivers. Don’t dare us to produce evidence, we have all the evidence,” said Msoni.