The Lusaka Magistrate Court has set August 30, 2018, for ruling on a case to answer in a matter in which a 25 year-old Lusaka woman and a Ugandan national, 30, are charged with one count of supplying drugs to induce an abortion.

In this matter, Sylvia Muma and Lukyamuzi Deo are alleged to have on May 3, 2018, jointly and whilst acting together, unlawfully supplied five tablets of a drug to Namuchido Nanyangwe to induce a miscarriage.

When the matter came up for continuation of trial before Magistrate Alice Walusiku, Tuesday, Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority inspector Emmanuel Sinkamba told the court that when the five (Erythromycin) tablets, were taken at once, they could induce an abortion.

He explained that the accused had in their possession five tablets, three of which were taken to the laboratory for chemical analysis.

Sinkamba said the sample of the drug came out as Erythromycin (an antibiotic useful for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections).

The matter has since been adjourned to August 30, 2018, for ruling on a case to answer.

The accused had advertised the medicine through a Facebook post under John Nkote’s name in which they enticed customers seeking a quick abortion.

The advert stated that they were specialised in first and second trimester, safe abortion clinic and gynaecological health, same-day services.

The advert further stated that the services were legal and safe.

“Safe Termination/Abortion Quick Call: 097…. I am specialised in first and second trimester; safe termination/abortion clinic and gynaecological health same-day services. Our main philosophy to each woman is, we owe and provide a centre for her to make her own healthcare decisions that serve her head, body, at an affordable cost in a safe, sterile and caring environment from one week to 25 weeks of pregnancy,” read the advert.

“Our doctor and facility staff will help you decide which method is best for you. Our staff is not only qualified to provide professional health care services, but also sensitive and non-judgmental to your emotional needs and decisions. Each type of procedure we provide is legal, safe, same-day service and 100 per cent effective…”

The advert was seen by Principal Regulatory Officer from Copperbelt region Don Mwangana who then reported the matter.

Emmanuel Sinkamba and Namuchindo Nanyangwe were then assigned by the Assistant Director, Licensing Surveillance and Enforcement to investigate the case of ‘advertising and selling of medicine for abortion’.