Green Party president Peter Sinkamba has petitioned Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) to immediately take remedial measures at its tailings waste disposal facility in Kitwe West area, which has become a hazard to residents.

In his demand notice for control of hazardous dust emissions discharged from the said disposal facility, Sinkamba complained that the facility had been discharging dust emissions in levels which contravened environmental control laws.

He stated that the facility had become a hazard to local residents and also to motorists who drive along the Kalulushi-Sabina Road in Kitwe.

“We have noted with deep concern that your tailings waste disposal facility, also known as TD5, which is located in Kitwe West area, has for some time been discharging dust emissions in levels, which contravene the environmental control laws. The facility has now become a hazard, especially to the motorists who drive along Kalulushi-Sabina Road. It discharges ‘sand dunes’ which frequently cause poor visibility for motorists driving along the said road. The ‘sand dunes’ also cause serious air pollution to communities living contiguous to the said facility, particularly marketeers who trade along the said road,” Sinkamba stated.

He demanded for immediate interventions from MCM management, failure to which he threatened to take legal action.

“As you are aware, following the expiry in 2015 of environmental indemnities extended to your company, MCM is now bound by the Mines and Minerals Act of 2015, as well as Environmental Management Act of 2011, to control all forms of pollution from TD5, and other facilities. We now demand that you take immediate remedial action to comply with pollution control provisions failure to which we will have no option, but take legal action against MCM. Please take this as the final warning,” warned Sinkamba.