PF media director Sunday Chanda says Bahati member of parliament Harry Kalaba should resign from the party if he is unwilling to exculpate himself over gross misconduct charges laid against him.

On Monday, The Patriotic Front disciplinary committee has summoned Kalaba and former party deputy chairperson for elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) to exculpate themselves for alleged gross misconduct.

But Kalaba said party Secretary General Davies Mwila should stop wasting his time by asking him to exculpate himself because that will not change the lives of suffering Zambians.

In a statement, Tuesday, however, Chanda asked Kalaba to stop playing games and respond to charges of indiscipline.

“Every association of people – whether it be a home, club or institution – has rules and guidelines by which those that associate with it abide. Rules and regulations are essential to maintain discipline, order and purpose. It is in this regard that the chief executive officer of the Patriotic Front Mr Davies Mwila wrote to Honourable Harry Kalaba, giving the latter 14 days to exculpate himself from various charges of misconduct. Mr Kalaba should stop playing games and respond to charges of indiscipline. Principle and morality demands that he resigns from PF if he is unwilling to exculpate himself,” Chanda stated.

“Sadly, Mr. Kalaba’s response has been less than honourable. His belligerent attitude defies logic. Mr Kalaba thinks he is too big for the PF or any kind of authority. He is being very hypocritical. He preaches decency, yet he is a man puffed up with the corrupt-leaven of pride, insolence and misplaced arrogance. The people of Bahati voted for him out of their love for the Patriotic Front. Their vote was primarily an endorsement for PF and he just happened to be the candidate selected by the party to stand on its platform. Why is he betraying the people of Bahati?”

And Chanda charged that Kalaba was not only a disgrace to himself, but also to the people of Bahati constituency.

“Apart from being a disgrace to himself, he is a disgrace to the people of Bahati and to everything that is decent and noble. If he is as straight as he would like to portray, why is he ducking and diving in the shadows of false pretences? wondered Chanda.