PF media director Sunday Chanda yesterday mocked the United Party for National Development (UPND), wishing them a happy 20 years anniversary in the opposition.

And Chanda says Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s biggest problem is his big mouth and he will never be President until he matures.

Meanwhile, suspended UPND Kafue District Council Chairperson Thomas Zulu has defected to the ruling party.

Speaking when he received Zulu into the Patriotic Front yesterday, Chanda wished the UPND a happy 20 year anniversary in the opposition.

“Let me first wish the UPND 20 years anniversary in the opposition. Officially, we are wishing them 20 years anniversary in the opposition,” Chanda mocked.

He observed that the UPND was languishing in the opposition because it was too intolerant.

“The rule in the UPND that whoever meets a Cabinet Minister, whoever meets the President must face consequences is retrogressive. Now even in terms of dialogue, we are not going to dialogue when we have this mindset in the UPND. We all know for a fact that we expected the UPND the UPND to be progressive and reinstate Moris Zulu, especially after their leader, Mr Hichilema met with President Lungu. Morally speaking, the UPND should have reinstated comrade Thomas Zulu, they should have rescinded their intention to suspend him but that did not happen. The only crime that comrade Thomas committed was to perform his civic duties by being present at the keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy Campaign in Kafue. This is a national program and as council chairperson, as mayor for Kafue, it is within his mandate to be present at such a function. At such a function, he did well to kneel because somewhere in the archives, there is a photo of Mazabuka member of parliament kneeling before President Michael Sata. Why wasn’t he suspended?” Chanda asked.

“Somewhere in the archives, after we lost President Sata, there is a photo of the UPND leader kneeling for President Edgar Lungu. Why wasn’t he suspended? When did kneeling become a crime?
It is this hypocrisy that is killing a party that has been in existence for 20 years. For us in the Patriotic Front, when confusion like we have seen in the UPND continues, we are saying he who God wants to destroy, he first makes them mad. We are gaining new grounds, we are winning in PF territories, they were all over saying that they won one councilor seat in Petauke so that one councilor seat, we have gotten two in return. And in fact, we have not just gotten two, we have gotten the council chairperson for Kafue.”

And Chanda said Kambwili’s biggest problem was his big mouth and he would never be President until he matured.

He disclosed that contrary to what Kambwili had been speculating that he would be charged with treason, Luanshya police had informed the nation that the NDC leader would be questioned for unlawful assembly.

“We also want to send a word of caution to our brother, Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili that he must cease being an alarmist that he has become, always wishing treason charges on himself. The Luanshya Police has informed us that the charges of investigations are around unlawful assembly. He went around, alarming everyone, and some media outlets covered him that there were treason charges awaiting him. Now that is what happens when you are dealing with intimidated, scared boys trapped in old mens bodies. Honorable Kambwili is scared of his own shadow. A man of his age will call you, provoke you and then tell you “I am recording you”, shame on him. He qualifies to be a grandfather where he is and he wants to be recording people. He calls people with the intention of recording them, he pokes them, when they react, they say “I was recording you”. Some people have never and they will never be presidents until they mature. You can’t imagine that level of childishness in the corridors of power, you can’t. That level of pettiness!” exclaimed Chanda.

“We have or brother who opens his mouth and he puts his foot into it. And honorable Chishimba’s greatest enemy is his big mouth. And until his cognitive abilities could match the size of his mouth, then he can make sense to this political discourse. Unfortunately, it is clear that his brain and his mouth do not coordinate. There is a serious disjoint, proper disjoint. In one breath, he says there is in President in this country, the moment he sees a kasalanga truck, he starts performing igdibala. That’s igdibala kind of politics. We are saying to our brother, grow up, Zambians deserve better.”