The Zambia National Teachers Union (ZNUT) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Licef school in Lusaka for improved salaries and conditions of service to help motivate teachers at the school.

After about six weeks of negotiations, the two partners mutually agreed to increase salaries for teachers by 10% on basic salary, 7.5% on housing allowance and 7.5% on miscellaneous allowances.

The other things that were also agreed upon during the signing ceremony, Tuesday, were medical and insurance schemes.

ZNUT general secretary Newman Bubala hailed Licef for always striving to improve the conditions of service for its teachers.

“Licef has been consistently awarding new salaries and conditions of service through the process of collective bargaining. This is a good gesture and we are very happy with the way things have been negotiated. I must also mention that ever since we partnered with Licef School, we have never had any problems. I urge Licef school to continue investing in the professional development of teachers in order to sustain quality education,” said Bubala.

Speaking at the same occassion, Licef school team leader Younus Essa said the adjustment in the conditions of service at the institution were inevitable looking at the current state of the economy.

“Although times are hard, we understand that teachers have to be looked after because the cost of living is expensive and rentals are also high. Apart from this, the teachers are the second parents of pupils and they are the ones who mould and educate the children. I also understand that a hungry teacher will be an angry teacher, so you can never let a teacher be hungry. We are also aware that Zambia National Union of Teachers are not only looking at the interest of teachers but also at the interest of Licef School. I therefore urge other private schools to join the Union because it helps a lot in harmonizing things if there are any problems in learning institutions,” said Essa.