Former Sinda MMD member of parliament Levy Ngoma says Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri will be to blame if veteran politician Grey Zulu was to die.

And Zulu says Zambians will not be distracted from denying President Lungu a chance to contest the 2021 elections because they already know that he is not eligible to go for a third term despite the Constitutional court determining otherwise.

Last week, Mumbi who is a nominated member of parliament, warned that no single Bemba should stand up to practice Chimbuya with Easterners when Grey Zulu dies, a statement which did not settle well with Ngoma.

Ngoma further said Mumbi would have to take responsibility of Grey Zulu’s death whenever he dies because she has prophesied his death.

“The moment former Secretary General for UNIP and former Vice-President for this country dies, we are going to blame her because it appears Mumbi Phiri has got more information that Mr Grey Zulu will pass on soon before her. We will have her to blame if that happens because only God knows the day that a person is going to die. So we wish comrade Grey Zulu long life and not death as being prophesied by Madam Mumbi Phiri anytime soon. We are with him and we still want to see him alive for the foreseeable future, not those useless insinuations coming from the rank and file of the Patriotic Front. Don’t play Chimbuya in that way, it can bring hatred in the nation, it can bring about serious finger pointing in the nation,” Ngoma said.

“The PF is known for wanting to divert the attention of the people, they know that now the discussion is about chimbuya. Now is about Bembas being thieves so that people forget about that Constitutional court judgment. They want to to divert the attention from real issues. But we are not going to accept that, the real issue here is that President Lungu knows what he talked about so let him answer.”

He said the PF leadership was lacking caliber.

“It’s quiet unfortunate that something like that came from madam Mumbi Phiri. But this is what happens when you have got people who don’t know what to do in positions of leadership. When you have got leaders whose preoccupation is to take Jameson or leaders who when they wake up they have to take Nsuko (sniffing powder) and then their minds go haywire, they resort to such cheapness and lowering the dignity of the mark of leadership. What madam Mumbi Phiri is doing by trying to defend one Edgar Chagwa Lungu is uncalled for. The statement by President Lungu should not be taken lightly. He’s the Commander-In-Chief, whatever the President says means two things. Either it’s a very important policy position or it is what he has received through his intelligence gathering,” said Ngoma.

“For president Lungu to get off the hook, it does not require Mumbi Phiri to say what she said. That’s just casting all manner of aspersions against the people of Eastern Province, that if they marry each other then they are going to produce ugly children. It’s very unfortunate that the PF under President Lungu want to take the people of Zambia for granted. You don’t play chimbuya like that. If they want to be schooled, let them go back to elders and they will be told at which juncture those issues of chimbuya are supposed to be played. It’s not every occasion where you can do chimbuya. But maybe because the President realised that there are a lot of thieves in his government and he’s having it rough to control, but what does he need to do that as Commander-In-Chief? He should not play to the gallery but take action.”