The Opposition Alliance has asked Zambians to support its decision to present a united front in the 2021 elections saying they are cognizant of the fact that together, they can remove PF and provide quality leadership in the country.

And the Opposition Alliance has announced that it will this year tour all the 10 provinces of Zambia for various mobilisation activities.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Alliance has raised over K200,000 for its activities.

Speaking at a fundraising dinner dance, Sunday, Alliance member Sean Tembo, who is leader of Patriots for Economic Progress, their decision to come together and present a united front in 2021 was an act of selflessness.

“The people are not happy with the PF so as opposition, we have a lot of potential to be ushered into office and properly run the affairs of this nation. But unless we come together and crystallize that potential and make it into actual substance which can propel us to win the election in 2021, we shall only remain the way Zambia is, full of potential and nothing to show. So the decision by us to come together and unite and make sure that come 2021 we present a united force is one of the wisest decisions and one of the greatest acts of selflessness that could come from any political party among us,” said Tembo.

And NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili, who called in from Luanshya, said the 10 parties had come together to fight President Edgar Lungu’s dictatorship.

“Our country is losing it’s democratic status and if we are not committed as leaders of opposition political parties, Zambia will be a laughing stock. What is happening today under this dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu is unacceptable, that is why we the 10 political parties have decided to come together and make sure that we fight the injustice and make sure that we bring the country back to democracy. This is the time for us to unite and try to bring Zambia back to normalcy. We need your support from today, up to 2021 when we shall remove this undemocratic leadership of President Chagwa Lungu,” said Kambwili.

ADD leader, Charles Milupi, said the alliance was not about UPND as some people were trying to paint it, but a united front which stood for justice.

“It is not so long ago that we came together but already, you can see the unity of purpose. The fight that owe have to salvage this country is not an individual fight, it is not for Sean Tembo, it is not for president Lukuku, it’s not for Chishimba Kambwili or Andyford Banda. It is collectively for all of us. Those who know that Zambia can do better than what they are going through at the moment. And that is why to fund the operations, whether it is to appear on television or radio stations, or whether it is as a group to visit, we felt we needed to have you the people to support these endeavors…this is for the benefit of this country. They will try to pick and isolate us, already you can see, despite of the fact that we have said there are 10 political parties, they keep saying this is just UPND, it is just Hakainde and so on…my brother, they keep mentioning you because maybe they are also seeing your weight. That should not bother you and it should not bother any of us because the task before us is a lot more important than their hallucinations. We stand for truth, we stand for justice, we want integrity to come to the governance of this country, that is what is important,” said Milupi.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema asked Zambians to get rid of fear and join the cause to liberate Zambia.

“When I finished university, I only rested on Saturday and Sunday, Monday I had a job. This is because in the second, third and fourth year vacations, I worked for a firm that gave me a job ahead of my exams. How many kids today in your homes are able to get a job two days after writing their last paper? This country is going down and nobody can reclaim the country other than yourselves. Do not front fear, no one achieves anything through fear. Not in business, not in social matters. If you got so afraid, you will even fear to marry your current partner because you don’t know what they will turn out to be, then you will have no children and this country will not progress. Fear will not save this country from collapse,” said Hichilema.

Other party leaders who were present were Fresher Siwale of NLP, James Lukuku of RPP whilst NAREP’s Elias Chipimo, People’s Party’s Mike Mulongoti and PAC’s Andyford Banda sent representatives to the event.

The opposition raised over K200,000 during the event to go towards countrywide tours this year.