A 28-year-old Ndola woman has chopped off two of her ex husband’s toes for failure to support their three children.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has confirmed this in an interview.

Katanga said the the incident happened on January 2, 2019 around 20:00 hours near Chermopharm Store in Ndola Central Business.

“Grievious bodily harm happened on January 2, 2019 at 20:00 hours, near Chermopharm Store Ndola town. In this case, the complainant being Batan Banda aged 35 years of house No 3809 Mushili. He reported that he has been wounded by his former wife.The two met in town. The woman accussed the man of not supporting their three children who are under the custody of the woman ever since their marriage ended,” Katanga said.

She said it was at this point that the woman produced an axe from her bag and committed the offense before handing herself over to the police.

“The woman produced and axe from her bağ and used it to chop off two toes from one of the complainant’s legs. She handed herself to the Police. The axe is also in the hands of the Police. The complainant was brought to the Police by some members of the public. He sustained an injury where his two toes were completely cut off by means of an axe, on his left foot.”

She said the woman, who has being identified as Evelyn Nachalwe, 28, of Itawa has been arrested.