PF national youth chairperson Stephen Kampyongo says the Sesheke by-election is an opportunity to test the alliance of “little parties”.

And PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has announced that the party has adopted Dean Masule as its candidate in the Sesheke by-election.

“This is the time we are going to test the so called coalition or I don’t know what they call it, this coming together of little parties,” mocked Kampyongo.

And Mwila unveiled the PF candidate.

“We received eight applications from individuals who expressed interest to contest the Sesheke seat, but I wish to announce to the nation that the central committee has adopted Mr Jean Masule as our candidate for the forthcoming Sesheke parliamentary by-elections,” Mwila announced.

“The chairperson further appointed the chairperson for sports, MCC, Kebby Mbewe as campaign manager. He will be assisted by Captain Walusiku Yambela. It is the hope of the central committee that the other seven candidates who have not been adopted will remain loyal to the party and the president and understand that there can only be one candidate at a time.”

Mwila also promised that PF would practice issue based campaigns and denounced violence.

“As PF, we are very ready. When we went to Mangango, we were not ready but we managed to scoop that seat and I want to say that we have made inroads in Western Province. Once we will Sesheke, that’ll be the second seat in Western Province,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mwila said the PF central committee had resolved that the party would attend the dialogue meeting slated for January 18.

“The three church mother bodies and ZCID are spearheading dialogue for all political parties and you will recall that [as] Patriotic Front, when they met last time, we were not informed, that’s why we were not in attendance. However, we’ve heard that the next meeting will be on 18th of January but I want to take this opportunity to inform the nation that the central committee resolved that as PF, we will attend the dialogue meeting slated for 18 January 2019. However, I wish to make it clear that this dialogue meeting should only be attended by rightful people mandated by their respective political parties to avoid unnecessary confusion,” said Mwila.