National Democratic Congress Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has announced that the party has fired its political consultant Chishimba Kambwili for allegedly denting the name of the party.

Musenge told UNZA Radio, Thursday, that Kambwili was making the party look like it was full of jokers, racists and that it condoned xenophobia.

“For those that feel they want to work with Kambwili, they are free to do that but not under the name of NDC. NDC has its own leadership and its own members.NDC is bigger than an individual, and we expect that all those who are members of NDC will respect the decision that has been communicated today. And I want to emphasize that we do not hate our dear brother Kambwili but we feel we need to have a figurehead, a president whom we can call president that this is our man but not a thing where today you are saying ‘I am being courted by NDC but I have not made a decision as to whether to accept or not. Not where I make a pronouncement to say 2021 we are fielding Chishimba Kambwili as our presidential candidate and he is responding that ‘ask Musenge, he is the one who has formed that party, I don’t know about those things’. You know, we have been getting ourselves embarrassed so this decision has just been taken to see how we can rectify this thing. Our relationship as brothers with Chishimba Kambwili still remains. We can share a light moment, we can drink tea together, but as a party, as NDC, we will have nothing (to do with him),” said Musenge.

“And I want to appeal to him also to respect the decision that we have taken as a party and that he cannot, from now onwards issue statements on behalf of NDC. That shall only be done by myself as secretary general of the party and the party spokesperson, Mr Moyo and the vice-president honorable Akafumba.”

Take a listen:

Last night, Kambwili dismissed the report as fake news when asked for a comment. He is yet to issue a fresh statement.

But well-placed sources within the NDC have told News Diggers that Musenge plans to defect to the ruling party.

More details later.