PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his fellow opposition alliance leaders are behaving like malnourished paediatric children whose brains cannot function.

Phiri was responding to the claim by the opposition alliance that President Edgar Lungu and his State House aids were running a militia in the country which was responsible for terrorising citizens.

The opposition alliance also claimed that State House police attempted to assassinate Hichilema in Sesheke, but the ruling party deputy CEO has rubbished both claims

“For me, I find it difficult to respond to grey haired men who are behaving like paediatric children. It is very disappointing, and if you saw the people who were on the panel, it is men only, did you see a woman? If anything, we saw Nalumango, Whitney Nalumango, their flower girl seated in the back seat. You can’t have adults who are not thinking properly. Now some of them have even abandoned their political parties to come and join a political party which has been singing about taking the government to The Hague from 2016 up to date. When are they going to do that? I heard them, even mentioning innocent people. You can see the pettiness in these paediatric brains of these old men with small brains. It is very unfortunate,” Phiri charged.

Asked to explain what kind of training the PF was subjecting it’s youths to, Phiri said the ruling party had no militia.

“We don’t, that’s why I am calling them paediatrics. And you know, when you have paediatric children, those who are healthy, it is even okay but these men are behaving like those paediatric children who have suffered malnutrition. If a child suffers malnutrition, even their capacity of thinking is reduced. Which militia are they talking about? There is no militia. And those claims that State House police tried to assassinate HH; Imwe! Can you play with the government if they want to kill you? Who is HH? If the state wanted to do that, can you fight with government? He should thank God that we have a leadership, both in the PF and in the executive who are God fearing and they respect human life,” she said.

“I am on record, and I even advised our members that stop talking about Mr Hakainde Hichilema because he is our easy target to defeat. Come 2021, he will lose pants down. Mark my words. Because he is a finished politician, in fact, he is not a politician, he is a technocrat. So how can we be scared of him? Somebody who doesn’t add value to politics. Look at even his facial expression, does a politician look like that?”

And Phiri said in petitioning the Sesheke parliamentary seat, the PF will rely on the declaration by the newly elected UPND member of parliament Romeo Kang’ombe, who said the elections were not free and fair because there was too much violence.

“We have said that we are petitioning that seat and that was valuable information which he gave us. We are going to present before the courts of law because even the candidate himself acknowledges it, so we are not lying that there was violence, intimidation. He has helped us because it is very difficult to prove witchcraft in the courts of law but it is coming from the mouth of the candidate himself. He is also equally shocked that he won the election despite violence,” said Phiri.