Police in Lusaka have issued a call-out for NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili summoning him to appear at Lusaka Central Police station at 14:00 hours today.

According to credible sources, some officers had gone to deliver a call-out at Kambwili’s house around 19:30 hours yesterday but the Roan PF member of parliament refused to see them, advising them to go during normal working hours.

This morning, police have delivered the call-out to one of Kambwili’s lawyers, Christopher Mundia.

And in an interview yesterday, Kambwili expressed shock that Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya could threaten him with an arrest over his altercation with an Indian who was operating a compactor.

“Dora Siliya had a briefing yesterday (Wednesday) where she indicated that I might be arrested, I might face criminal charges over that ordeal with the compactor driver. I am extremely disappointed. This country cannot continue on a trajectory where politicians keep directing the police to do wrong things. By virtue of the fact that Siliya said I might be arrested, she was giving indirect instructions to the police. And what surprises me is they don’t even know how the whole thing started and they just rush to saying I abused that Indian guy,” Kambwili said.

“What transpired is that we were moving on that road and all of a sudden, that compactor came on the road, almost hitting us. I didn’t even know who was driving so I reversed to go and talk to the person to drive properly and only to find it was a foreigner. So I asked ‘why are you driving so carelessly and do you even have a permit to operate this machine? Then he started laughing and I said ‘you cannot laugh, this is a matter of life and death, you could have killed us if my driver wasn’t careful. And because he was laughing and not taking us seriously, I told him ‘then you can go back to your country, you can’t come and try and kill Zambians in their own country’ And as I was coming, I said, that’s the problem with this government, allowing someone from India to come and operate a compactor and yet Zambians have got no jobs.”

Kambwili said he was used to being arrested.

“Instead of arresting that Indian who wanted to kill us, Siliya is giving an instruction that I should be arrested, I think this country needs to be brought to normalcy. How many people have complained about bringing foreign people to work in this country? For me to complain it becomes an offence? Where’s freedom of expression? I know what they are planning and I am ready. I am now used to being arrested on trumped up charges. Even on this one, come and arrest me, I will go to court and explain,” said Kambwili.

More details later.