‘Suspended’ National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has asked the Registrar of Societies to suspend activities of the party until the confusion which has rocked the party is sorted out.

In a letter dated February 28, Musenge complained that Chishimba Kambwili, who is not a member of the NDC, had been holding meetings at his house without his knowledge as Secretary General.

Musenge said Kambwili had also been appointing people to hold positions in the party despite not being a member.

“Unless action is taken to stop the on-goings above-cited, peace, welfare or good order in the country is likely to suffer prejudice contrary to Section 13(b) of the Societies Act. In view of the foregoing, I write to seek your office’s intervention to suspend party activities until above cited illegalities inimical to Section 13(b) are sorted out,” wrote Musenge.