PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says Chishimba Kambwili wasted a lot of time by clinging on to the Roan seat.

And Mwila says party members should focus on mobilizing the party instead of fighting over bus stations because that is not the only work they are supposed to do.

Speaking when he addressed party officials at Nakatindi Hall in Lusaka, Thursday, Mwila invited applications from people who wanted to be adopted on the PF ticket.

“We are very much ready to go into Roan as a party and I want to say that tomorrow we are going to put up an advert, all those who want to stand on our ticket, they can apply starting from tomorrow. Our brothers wasted our time. Chishimba Kambwili there is no way you can be doing double dealings. You might not know what will kill you if you keep on holding on to two things. Just like the way [Harry] Kalaba went, you should have left in the same way, now unless you are dragged until a point where you go with no respect because that is what he wanted,” Mwila said.

And Mwila said party members should focus on mobilizing the party instead of fighting over bus stations.

“The President has directed us that we have to start mobilizing the party [and] the people who are in the fore front of mobilizing the party are the constituencies, the wards, and the branches and that’s the more reason I invited the branch chairmen so that they can listen for themselves. Elections are behind us now [and] time has come for us to forget about them. Our work now is to form branches. If we can have many branches, we are going to do better in 2021. Mobilizing the party is very cardinal, not just fighting for stations and markets, that’s not the job you were elected for, that’s a by-the-way [thing],” said Mwila.

“I thought I should talk about that issue because you like talking about markets, bus stations as if that’s is the only work you are supposed to do. Go in the township and mobilize the people the way Jesus Christ did with his disciples. Time is not with us. We want unity and discipline. In any organizational institution, if there is no discipline nothing goes well.”

Mwila also announced the Lusaka Province interim executive committee to be headed by member of the central committee, Paul Moonga.