President Edgar Lungu has transferred Northern Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga to Lusaka, swapping him with Charles Sipanje.

In an interview, Wednesday, Kamanga confirmed his transfer to Lusaka, saying was nothing extra ordinary about it.

“For me I know that for us as civil servants, we must be ready to serve wherever our services are required and I have served in the Northern Province with the passion that is required, I was so passionate about this place, I still love it. However, the authorities feel that my services are now required in Lusaka and my job is to oblige. I have undertaken to serve anywhere where my services will be required, so for me there is nothing extraordinary about the movement, as civil servants we move from one station to the other,” Kamanga said.

“I have already started working, I was in Lusaka the whole lot of last week. I only came back to Northern Province over the weekend to hand over to the New PS. And now I have to deal with the challenges of Lusaka, being the capital city of this country and obviously you know there are a lot challenges in Lusaka but with my experience as deputy PS, PS for Copperbelt, and Northern Province, will be sufficient to give me the impetus to confront those challenges,” Kamanga said.

And speaking during the handover ceremony at the Provincial Administration in Kasama, Monday, Sipanje pledged to continue with where Kamanga left, promising to follow up on investment pledges made by investors during the expo that was held in the province last November.

“I am looking forward to working with all of you. I would want to thank the leadership of Provincial minister Honourable Brian Mundubile and PS Elias Kamanga for having put Northern Province on the World map, I think they deserve to be commended. Having come also from a background of a business man from the private sector, I want to assure PS Kamanga that I will follow up on all those investment pledges, that’s the reason why I have said I am very excited because the expo that was held here was a marvel, you did a very good job,’ said Sipanje.