The way we created PF is the same how we will dismantle it, says NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili has dared PF to cause another by-election on the Copperbelt, boasting that the ruling party does not stand a chance against NDC in that area given the numerous mistakes it has made.

Meanwhile Kambwili has thanked PF members who are working in President Lungu’s camp for helping him deliver victory in Roan, urging them to stay inside PF and continue eating and getting financial benefits under the “don’t kubeba” strategy.

Addressing journalists in Luanshya over the weekend, Kambwili said the ruling party had made a grave mistake for kicking out those who created it.

“For once, we call upon (President Edgar) Lungu to do the right thing and step aside because this revolution that we have started… we told you that in Roan, ni kolwe piteni nembwa, pantu imbwili, ni imbwili. Imwe you thought it was easy for us to create PF, you just find it already made and you start chasing us the people who made PF. Now I want to tell you that the same way we create PF, is the same way we will dismantle it. I have never started a crusade and failed. Come 2021, 90 per cent of you in Cabinet will be in prison. The people of Zambia have spoken, through Roan, that kuyabebele (they are going, whether they like it or not),” Kambwili said.

Kambwili asked “genuine PF” members to join hands with NDC in the “revolution”.

“I want to appeal to genuine PF members that move away from PF and let’s us join hands in this revolution that NDC has started, to bring hope to the people of Zambia, to create jobs for the people of Zambia, to bring industries to Zambia, because this rhetoric of saying we will create jobs when everything you use in a country is produced outside will never work for us. President Lungu is a total failure, he does not know anything about governing the country, all he knows is to dance, all he knows is to call upon JK and his group to sing for him so that he can dance,” he said.

‘You can judge a President if indeed he is a president worth his salt, he went to open maternity annex at Kawana, which maternity annex I lobbied. How can you open a project that Kambwili started in the morning and then in the afternoon you go and say ‘Kambwili hasn’t done anything’? Insoni ebuntu.”

And in an interview, Sunday, Kambwili dared PF to cause another by-election on the Copperbelt.

“There is no single election that the PF can beat us, more especially on the Copperbelt, if they doubt me, let them cause another by-election within the Copperbelt and they will see. I told them, you cannot go and bring a small boy and make him provincial chairman. Sometimes I laugh at Lungu, I don’t know what he wants to achieve in life. Surely, Copperbelt Province, an important part of Zambia’s politics, you can go and get a small boy to be chairman?” Kambwili asked.

“And you call yourself President? Watch the space, let them cause another by-election and they will see! And by the way, in a very few days, you will hear resignations from councillors, not that we are forcing them, because I don’t believe in by-elections, but a lot of them have called me to say ‘with this kind of nonsense, we want to resign, we have to show them that what they are doing is not correct’.”

He advised his supporters, who were still PF members, not to resign for the sake of protecting their livelihoods.

“This government is very brutal and some of them can lose their livelihood, let them continue, Don’t Kubeba. Let them remain in their green regalia while we work together underground because if they come out openly, they will be bruised by these people and fail to feed their families. What is happening now is that once you are against PF you lose your business, you can’t do any business in Zambia. I thank them for their support but for now, it is Don’t Kubeba,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili lamented that police were blocking NDC from thanking the voters in Roan.

“After winning the elections, they went round the entire Mansa celebrating their victory but us here in Roan, they tell us ‘you have to apply for a permit seven days before’ and they start arresting all the people they find on the streets celebrating and locking them up for unlawful procession. This country is all about PF, they are above the law,” said Kambwili.

“I told them that in Roan, even if they brought Lungu, he can never beat me. I told them that what Mwila was saying that they are more popular than me was rhetoric and the people of Luanshya have shown them that indeed, they were not happy with the unnecessary arrests that they have been doing on me, the way I was hounded out of government, the way I was hounded out of PF, the people are not happy and they have shown them. And instead of working on these mistakes, they go to refuse us to celebrate, they are annoying people more because these people in PF don’t think.”