Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says no one is special in the ruling party when it comes to the enforcement of rules and regulations.

Mwila was speaking when he received a recommendation from the Lusaka Province PF executive committee for the party to expel its renowned cadre Julius Komaki and Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF).

Speaking at a press briefing at the party secretariat, Monday, provincial chairman Paul Moonga said the duo had failed to exculpate themselves and they had been suspended indefinitely.

“The Lusaka provincial full committee met yesterday at Chita Lodge in Kafue District to receive a report of the disciplinary committee. That is in Lusaka Province and we are a province so we can meet anywhere within our boundaries. [We] met to receive the recommendations of the disciplinary committee. And according to the disciplinary committee, they found the two members wanting and made a recommendation that they must be suspended indefinitely from the party,” Moonga said.

“They have further recommended for expulsion from the party by the Central Committee. My mandate of my committee is simply to deliver today the expulsion letters for our two colleagues from the party to the secretary general of the party that he can receive these letters who will subsequently table these matters before the Central Committee for onward discussions. As a province, we have suspended both two colleagues indefinitely until the Central Committee meets to look at their matter. If the Central Committee will feel that our punishment is too harsh, [that’s] up to them.”

Moonga said seven districts in Lusaka had petitioned his executive to take disciplinary action against KBF and Komaki.

“The provincial executive was petitioned by seven districts of Lusaka, 12 constituencies together against our two colleagues namely Julius Komaki and Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF). In their petition, they asked by executive from the province that the colleagues have gone beyond what a member is supposed to do in respect to the party. One Kelvin Bwalya Fube is demanding the handover of power by the Head of State Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to him while Julius Komaki gave an ultimatum of 48 hours that the secretary general appointed by the president must vacate office,” Monga added.

He said failure by the duo to appear before his committe was insubordination of its highest order.

“Members of the press, rules of natural justice demand call that a member is given an opportunity to be heard while he is being charged, which we did. In the interest of the party and natural justice, both Mr Komaki and Mr Fube were given a date [in which to appear before the disciplinary committee]. Komaki was given to appear on May 8 [but] he never appeared. All we saw were insults on the press while Mr Fube was given to appear on May 9 [and] equally he didn’t appear,” said Moonga.

“Failure for them to appear before the committee headed by my vice chairman, a committee of 12, they (my committee) went ahead to look into their matter. That again became insubordination of its highest order [because] if as a member you are summoned by the party, if you truly have respect for the party, you are supposed to appear before the committee so that you can be heard. But they chose not to be heard. They kept quiet, which we appreciate because that’s democracy.”

And in receiving the provincial executive recommendations, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila said no one was special in the party when it came to following rules and regulations.

“I want to say that I have received this petition as well as recommendations from the lower organs up to the provincial committee. My mandate is to hand over the recommendations or petition to the central committee which will be held on Saturday May 18 and we expect the central committee to deliberate. So as secretary general, I will give a report to the Central Committee and then a decision will be made. But I want to say that the party is bigger than individuals. No one is special and anyone who is going against the rules and regulations of the party, the party constitution has to deal with that person. So thank you chairman for the job you have done and I hope that the Central Committee will make a decision in the interest of the party,” said Mwila.

Meanwhile, Kamba appealed to President Edgar Lungu and government to take over mines on the Copperbelt saying that they were working against government.

“We want to put it on record that the party especially in Lusaka Province stands with the miners on the Copperbelt and we strongly feel that this is the right time government should take over the mines in the Copperbelt so that we give power and employment to the people of Zambia. This is the right time Government should take over KCM and give back employment to the people of Copperbelt. We strongly support the decision by the Mines Workers of Zambia and we strongly appeal to our listening president to reposes the KCM mines and give it to the people. We strongly feel that KCM is working against this government,” said Kamba.