The PF in Masaiti has suspended Council Chairperson Christine Chande for allegedly destabilising the party.

Chande was elected recently as council chairperson after a by election.

Masaiti PF District Chairman David Kalutwa said the council chairperson was working with the opposition UPND councillors.

“We have taken the matter to the disciplinary committee. What is happening is that she (Chande) is undermining the party. She is working with UPND councillors and those (PF) officials who lost elections. She has been doing this for a long time. So that is how the party took the decision to suspend her. So this matter is before the disciplinary committee,” Kalutwa said.

The suspension comes barely a day after PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda had announced that all suspension on the Copperbelt were null and void.