Police in Petauke district have launched a manhunt for a witchdoctor who swindled a farmer by disappearing after failing to multiply his K5,000.

Confirmed the incident to journalists this morning, Eastern Province Police Deputy Commissioner, Geoffrey Kunda, says police apprehended two people who were suspected to be performing rituals at Chimate grave yard in Petauke district.

He named the two suspects apprehended as Thaulo Mwanza, 28 of Makonza village in senior Chief Mwanjabanthu’s area and Alfonso Phiri 27, a taxi driver of Petauke, and charged them with one count of trespassing at a grave yard.

It is alleged that Mwanza was convinced by a witchdoctor, who is on the run, that he could multiply money, and he gave the traditionalist K5,000 which was then buried at the cemetery, tied in a plastic bag.

Kunda narrated that after interrogations, it was discovered that the transaction was scam arranged by Phiri and the witchdoctor to swindle Mwanza.

he said Phiri was found with part of the money, and that Police have since launched a man hunt on the fugitive witchdoctor.