Ngambi’s re-arrest will deter GBV offenders – Women for Change

Women for Change executive director Lumba Siyanga has welcomed the decision by the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to have Chifubu PF member of parliament Frank Ngambi re-arrested and charged with more severe charges.

A week ago, Ngambi assaulted his wife and allegedly broke her jaw.

But when the matter came up before Ndola Resident Magistrate Changa Chitabo in chambers, the DPP decided to discontinue the case against Ngambi.

However, Chief State Advocate under the office of the DPP Nkumbiza Mumba explained in a statement, that perusal of the evidence revealed that the charge preferred on the accused person was not in tandem with evidence on the docket and did not reflect the gravity of the case.

“The decision to discontinue the matter was taken after a thorough perusal of the case docket. A perusal of the evidence revealed that the charge preferred on the accused person was not in tandem with evidence on the docket and did not reflect the gravity of the case. It was, therefore, decided to drop the charges by way of a nolle prosequi in order for a more appropriate and serious charge to be imposed,” Nkumbiza stated.

Nkumbiza directed police to re-arrest Ngambi and effect new, more severe charges against him.

“To this effect, the Nolle Prosequi was filed into court on the 14th June, 2019, and instructions were given on the same day to the police for them to re-arrest the accused person. The hearing for the Nolle Prosequi application was heard on the 19th of June, 2019, when the accused was formally discharged. The office is now awaiting for the police to effect the arrest of the suspect so that he is charged with the new appropriate and more serious offence. The onus is now on the police to effect the arrest in the shortest possible time so that the office may take up the matter for prosecution. The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has constantly been updating the victim and her family on steps that have been taken in the matter,” stated Nkumbiza.

And welcoming the development in an interview, Siyanga noted that the move would deter would-be offenders as it gave assurances of justice for women.

“The re-arresting of the MP is a welcome move! This will be a deterrent to other would-be perpetrators of GBV. It’s not about having a position in society or government, but it’s about women’s rights. The re-arresting gives us assurance that there’s still hope for women justice,” Siyanga said.

And she encouraged all GBV survivors not to give up, but report all abuse-related cases to the police.

“We just want to encourage so many survivors of Gender-Based Violence out there not to give up hope. We encourage women to continue fighting for their rights and not to give up. That was a very straightforward case where an example should be shown to the world that justice can prevail for women regardless of who commits the crime. No one is a sacred cow. We are all equal before the law. That MP violated his wife’s rights so he should be jailed or at least the case should be tried to its fullest. And it is very clear that he (Ngambi) committed a crime according to the Anti-GBV Act of 2011. And we urge parliamentarians to stand with the women of Zambia. He (Ngambi) should be tried and jailed for not less than 10 years! We still have so many cases that are pending and they don’t move that fast,” said Siyanga.

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