Canadian-based Zambian Lawyer Elias Munshya has questioned President Edgar Lungu’s appointment of a team of members of parliament to be part of the negotiating team in the sale of KCM.

Munshya has wondered how members of parliament, who are members of the Legislature, can be asked to perform Executive functions.

On Monday, President Lungu appointed a team of MPs to be led by Kantanshi Independent member of parliament Anthony Mumba as part of the negotiating team on the sale of Konkola Copper Mine (KCM).

“As part of our quest to get the best out of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) negotiations; I have appointed a team of Members of Parliament to be led by Kantanshi Member of Parliament (Independent) Anthony Mumba as part of the negotiating team. This team joins Government officials and will include unions and chambers of commerce. Working with the Court-appointed provisional liquidator, Milingo Lungu, I expect the team to exercise transparency in the process. We have to get it right by avoiding errors of the past,” said President Lungu.

But Munshya, who is an avid political commentator, said the move would cause confusion.

“This is operation icimfulunganya (confusion). KCM is in liquidation. I know some are calling it “provisional liquidation”. But when you read the Order from the High Court, it is a full liquidation. While liquidation is going on, we understand that the President Dr. Lungu has appointed a team of MPs to negotiate the selling of KCM to you know who. This is on the day that Dr. Lungu has appointed a new Minister of Finance. This is icimfulunganya. In what capacity are MPs negotiating on behalf of the executive? MPs are members of the legislative body which has law-making function. MPs are not part of the executive. Is this a legislative process? Is selling KCM now part of parliament? KCM is being liquidated. How does Dr Lungu appoint a parallel structure to negotiate the sale?” Munshya asked on his Facebook page.

Mushya stated that the Minister of Finance, who holds shares on behalf of government, would have no say in the deal because decisions would be made at State House.

“Shares in KCM are held in the name of the Minister of Finance. On the same day that you appoint a new Minister, you appoint a body of politicians to negotiate. The Minister then will have no role and all his PhDs in psychology are a complete waste since decisions will be coming from State House. Couldn’t Dr Lungu have waited for the new minister to settle and get to know exactly what is going on before coming up with this team? The appointment of the liquidators was murky. The liquidating law firm is owned by PF politicians. How come then the negotiating team will also be led by PF politicians? This is another fundraising venture by the Patriotic Front,” stated Munshya.