Alliance for Community Action executive director Laura Miti says the PF government should lose President Edgar Lungu because he has failed and he responds to important national issues like a child on a playground.

And Miti says President Lungu is trying to write the Constitution in a way that he can get away with dictatorship .

Meanwhile, Miti has called on members of the public to turn up in numbers on Saturday, July 20, 2019 to raise a yellow card against rampant corruption in government.

Speaking on UNZA Radio’s Lusaka Star, Monday, Miti said President Edgar Lungu had failed to run the country.

“I think the PF should lose President Edgar Lungu. President Edgar Lungu has failed as the President that is what I think, so it is not about wanting another party or anything, it is wanting the country to run [in a proper manner]. Ba CEO ngati bakangiwa (if the CEO has failed) he should go,” Miti said.

“If you look at the amount of money that was in the Financial Intelligence Report and you link it to the national debt, you will understand that the huge amount we have borrowed has gone to private pockets; and when the President is asked important matters, he sounds like a child on a playground, you know the way we used to respond when we were children and we do not want to answer? He takes absolutely no responsibility, they begin to make suggestions that the FIC is just rumour mongering.”

And Miti said President Lungu was trying to change the Constitution for his own benefit.

“And then we move to the Constitution, we are sitting in a situation where majority of the citizens do not understand the evil that is being done with the Constitution. The Constitution must not be made like a political document because once the Constitution is captured by a ruling party, for example, it means that they begin to do unlawful things lawfully so if you write a Constitution, you put in a clause that favours you, that doesn’t favour the people. It means that the people have nowhere to go. What the PF and Lungu are doing is trying to capture the Constitution, to write a Constitution in such a way that they can get away with dictatorship essentially,” she said.

Meanwhile, Miti called on citizens to turn up in numbers for the Yellow Card protest this Saturday.

“On Saturday, where we will be outside parliament buildings, at 11:00 hours and we will have speakers and raise our voice, the police have finally given us a green light for us to come together. What we have is a corrupt government that doesn’t care for the country. We have an absent President. We need to hold him accountable, we need the President to become President, holiday isileko (the holiday needs to end). Yellow card campaign about [is] citizens who are extremely concerned about the state of affairs and governance in the economy the way the country is being run by the people elected into power, that things cannot not continue to work out like that and giving a warning that we don’t like the way things are being run,” said Miti.