Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) last week seized products worth over K300,000 from traders in various centers as part of a clampdown on the sale of substandard and banned products.

ZCSA communications officer Caroline Kalombe stated in a press release, Wednesday, that the Agency received information from a brand protection agency representing Colgate Palmolive and SC Johnson on the substandard products being flogged in some parts of Lusaka.

“The Agency received information from brand protection agency representing Colgate Palmolive and SC Johnson on the sale of substandard Kiwi shoe polish, toothpaste, and toothbrushes and banned incandescent bulbs in some shops around the city of Lusaka. The total quantities of the seized products were 903 loose toothbrushes valued at K2,625.00 and 320 loose incandescent bulbs with a value of K896.00. ZCSA conducted the investigation to verify the report. The market surveillance was conducted in the following areas: Ibex Hill; Kamwala Shopping area; Freedom Way in the Central Business District; Soweto Market area and the Light Industrial Area,” the statement read.

And the Agency seized 192 portable socket-outlets fitted with a flexible code valued at K8,024 for not complying with the requirements.

“This standard requires wires in the mains to be colored in accordance with the recommended colour code. The recommended colour code is Earth: Green/Yellow, Neutral: Blue and Live: Brown. The wires in the seized products were found to have the same colour, upon inspection, thereby, making them unsafe. The seized cables will undergo further investigations to ascertain whether the materials used in the wiring is according to specifications. Also seized were 13 A plugs, and adaptors,” stated Kalombe.

The Compulsory Standards Act No.3 of 2017 empowers the Agency to carry out investigations on all products falling under compulsory standards and to take the necessary action to effect compliance.

The Agency collaborates with other relevant government agencies for action, including criminal prosecution.