Chairman of CAMCO group of companies Li Tie says the newly launched WEICHAI Generators can be used for up to 10 years if properly maintained by the owner.

And Minister of Energy Mathews Nkhuwa says government has put in place various measures and incentives to help mitigate the power crisis which include removal of VAT on acquiring generator sets.

Speaking during the launch of CAMCO WEICHAI generators, Friday, Li said this was a milestone in meeting the power deficit that the country was facing as the Generator power capacities ranged from 15 KVA to 825 KVA.

“As everybody knows, we are facing load shedding in Zambia it is a wider challenge not only for Zambia but other countries. So we need to find a solution not for one or two months, we need to find solutions for some years in future and to buy the product that may help business owners reduce their costs with a much more reliable product they can. They can use five years, they can use 10 years if they maintain well. So WEICHAI generator is quite reliable and is approved on the market. The WECHAI Generator to be launched today varies in power capacity from 15KVA to 825KVA and will not carter only for heavy industrial clientele, but also for domestic use. The wheels of industry continue to turn during load shedding periods constrained by dwindling water levels in many of the water bodies,” said Li.

“WEICHAI generators sets are a global brand with an enviable market position. As CAMCO, we have rigorously tested and used WEICHAI generator sets for the past seven years and what we are bringing to the Zambian market meets the test of global index of competitiveness. WEICHAI, gensets have an anti vibration mounted systems, industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose and can be used in residential areas without causing noise nuisance in the neighborhood.”

And in a speech read on his behalf by Ministry of Energy principal officer Annie Chitandipo, Nkhuwa said government had put in place various measures and incentives like removal of VAT on acquiring generator sets to aide citizens.

“In order to enhance access to generator sets and ensure that they are affordable to a large section of our citizens, my government has put in place various incentives that include removal of VAT on acquiring generator sets. This policy decision by my government is intended to encourage users of electricity to acquire generator sets at an affordable price thereby providing continuity in business operation during load shedding. My Ministry is working on modalities of encouraging private sector participation in the generation of energy from different sources in order spur economic development,” said Nhkuwa.