Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned Chishimba Kambwili against insulting President Edgar Lungu saying he is trading on “dangerous grounds”.

According to a story published on Smart Eagles, Wednesday, Kampyongo said Kambwili’s continued use of abusive language against the Head of State was unacceptable.

“Kambwili should be reminded that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is Republican President today because he has supporters countrywide who may not tolerate his continued abusive language on the Head of State If his vulgar language is instigated by a perception of popularity, then Kambwili should remember that His Excellency, the President is Head of State because of the support he enjoys across the nation. Kambwili is treading on dangerous waters by continuing with the abusive language on the Head of State because it is not every supporter of the President who will tolerate his continued ridicule,” Kampyongo warned.

“Kambwili should also remember that he is not the only person with potential to be vulgar. If we were to reduce ourselves to his level, we would take him on from the way he looks and walks to the manner he takes care of his family but we will not do that because we are leaders. The architects of the Zambian laws had foreseen the potential abuse the Office of President would be subjected to and provided adequate laws to deal with characters like the former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili,”

And Kampyongo said Kambwili should be the last person to say there was corruption in government.

“Besides, Kambwili would have still been in government today had it not been for corruption allegations slapped on him. He is still appearing before our Courts of law and as such, he should be the last person to scream corruption on every side,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kampyongo told the NDC leader to draw lessons from his 213 votes in Lubwa ward in a district and Constituency where the former Roan lawmaker claimed to have gained considerable ground “to an extent of undermining the political relevance of his alliance partners”.

“Let him draw lessons from his 213 votes in Kitwe’s Lubwa ward. He has been claiming of gaining ground in the district yet he can’t even beat the UPND in simple Lubwa! This should show him that our people are not gullible to be influenced by sarcasm and vulgar language, “said Kampyongo.