The Ndola City Council (NCC) says the 95 high-cost plots in Dola Hill, Mishishi and Chibolele areas that were sold to more than one potential buyer, earning the Council over K2.5 million, were not all fully paid for by some residents.

According to the Auditor General’s Report, the Ndola City Council allocated 95 high-cost plots in Dola Hill, Mishishi and Chibolele areas to more than one potential buyer and collected K2,537,500 from about 204 people.

But in a statement availed to News Diggers! Tuesday, NCC public relations manager Tilyenji Mwanza explained how the Council earned over K2.5 million from allocating plots to two or more buyers.

Mwanza stated that a land audit had been carried out in the said area in November, 2017, and revealed that it was not everyone with a claim for a plot who paid a premium, and that not every buyer fully paid.

“The Ndola City Council has approved the subdivision and resettlement plan of the NCC- Henan Gouji land with 60 hectares to be retained for the NCC- Henan Gouji project who are the title holders, while 77 hectares will be re-planned and allocated alternative plots to those who had encroached on the said stand number LN-8841/623. The subdivision result in the creation of 468 plots, an action taken to mitigate on the part of residents who had made payments to the Council and not given plots as observed in the Auditor General’s Report (2014-2016) as well as those that may have had cases of double or multiple allocations,” read the statement.

“The Ndola City Council in April, 2019, entered a consent judgement between NCC- Henan Gouji and Mwamba Kaula and others, which judgement paved way for the subdividing of stand number LN-8841/623 into two portions. Meanwhile, during a Special Council Sitting in July, Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya reported to Ndola Council that the 77 hectares has been re-planned creating 468 plots. The said plots have been resized, but are within the range of high-cost plots (1,200m2).”

Mwanza explained after the land audit done revealed that a total of 1,588 people claimed plots, some of whom did not pay full amounts.

“The Ndola City Council would like to inform members of the public that a land audit was carried out in the said area in November, 2017, which revealed that it was not everyone with a claim for a plot who had paid a plot premium. The audit revealed that 1,588 people claimed plots from the site in question out of which only 447 people had paid in full, 306 partially paid and 835 did not pay anything to Council. It is in this regard that the Ndola City Council’s priority will be to the 447 that had paid full plot premium,” she explained.

She added that the Council had begun the process of informing the affected people who were to be given alternative plots.

“The Ndola City Council has already begun the process of informing those to be given the alternative plots using relevant media outlets as was published in the Times of Zambia on 1st August, 2019. However, this is going to be handled as a case by case matter as some matters are still active in the courts of law. It should also be noted that the Ndola City Council will be responsible for the implementation of the resettlement plan, which will include but not limited to: surveying, numbering of plots, beaconing and opening of access roads, whilst members of the public eligible for the plot from the resettlement plan shall be made to pay Processing fee, Penalty fee, Numbering fee and Building Plan Scrutiny Fee,” stated Mwanza.

“The process of interviewing was conducted by various stakeholders so as to ensure transparency and adherence to the land alienation procedures outlined in Circular Number 1 of 1985 procedure on land alienation and as outlined in the Local Government Land Administration and Allocation Circular No. 1 of 2015. A list of successful applicants was further published in the Times of Zambia newspaper dated Thursday, August 1, 2019. Finally, be informed that successful applicants are advised to visit Legal Department at Civic Centre to collect their demand letters, which is the basis for payments of plot premiums.”