Police in Lusaka have issued a call out for leader of the defunct National Democratic Congress (NDC) Chishimba Kambwili, summoning him to appear at Lusaka Central Police station at 10:00 hours on Wednesday.

And Copperbelt Patriotic Front (PF) Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda has warned that the ruling party will “give Kambwili what he wants” because it is fed up of his continued insults against President Edgar Lungu.

At exactly 15:42 hours, Tuesday, a Zambia Police department popularly known as C5 delivered a summon signed by Lusaka Central Police Division Officer-In-Charge Stephen Nkhowani to Kambwili’s residence in Lusaka which was received by Kambwili’s daughter, Chanda Katema Kambwili

This was shortly after the team raided the residence of the former Chief Government Spokesperson in a bid to arrest him.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Chanda, who is also Luanshya Mayor, said the ruling party could no longer tolerate Kambwili’s “unbecoming behavior”.

“Mr Chishimba Kambwili is now unbecoming and he is taking his lucky way to far. This we will not allow and he should be prepared for what he has started. According to a video that has gone viral, Kambwili, who is former president of the now defunct National Democratic Congress Party, is heard and seen openly insulting our senior leaders as ‘Dogs’ including President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. I think, we the people of the Copperbelt want to categorically make it clear that ba (Mr) Kambwili has pushed us enough. Tolerance has levels and at the level we have reached, we can’t entertain his unbecoming behavior. Since he has taken this path, we are equal to the task. We know ba (Mr) Kambwili needs attention especially now, so we will give him what he wants maybe. Insulting the President of the Republic and PF, as a party, that we won’t allow,” Chanda warned.

“The level of politics that Dr ‘insulter’ Kambwili wants to do is uncalled for. This is the worst abuse of freedom of expression never seen under this country. If this is the democracy we want then it is worrying. We now challenge the Church, Civil Society Organizations and well meaning Zambians to condemn the unbecoming behavior of ba Kambwili and not only be reactive. The Church can’t afford to be silent when a political leader is insulting the Head of State. Even if its politics that ba Kambwili wants to play, his behavior is unacceptable and he is very young comparing himself to the President even in age.”

Chanda asked Kambwili to tame his tongue.

“We wish to remind the Zambian people to be more careful with some leaders who aspire to lead them. We can’t afford a person with a bad insulting mouth to be a president or even leader of an opposition party. Ba Kambwili, we had respect for you but not anymore because you insult and fight everyone (nimwe bamwalwanabanga). Your behavior does not befit you to be a leader you even fight your fellow opposition parties. Tame your mouth and bitterness. To our general membership remain calm, peaceful and allow the law to take its course. We live in a country which has laws and no one is above the law or untouchable,” stated Chanda.