UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka says government should consider imposing subsidies on imported fuel to help cushion the cost burden being felt by consumers.

And Katuka says President Edgar Lungu should resign because he has failed to govern Zambia.

In a statement, Monday, Katuka said there was need to impose fuel subsidies on imported fuel so that the economic realities arising from fuel increases did not create further economic shocks.

Last Tuesday, the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) hiked fuel pump prices by five per cent, with a litre of petrol now selling at K15.98 from K15.20, mainly triggered by the depreciating kwacha and high oil prices on the international market.

“We have advised the PF to impose subsidies on imported fuel so that the economic realities arising from fuel increases do not create further economic shock. Already, prices of some commodities in supermarkets have been revised and these will negatively affect the poor Zambians,” Katuka advised.

And Katuka said President Lungu had no solutions to the problems that the country was facing.

“Many Zambians now believe that the PF went into leadership without a plan and this is evident from the way they have destroyed the country! It is clear that Edgar Lungu and his PF have failed to govern the country!” Katuka stated.

“They have no solutions to the problems they have caused on millions of Zambians. Lungu’s ministers do not even understand what Zambians are going through under Lungu today. Lungu and his PF government do not care about suffering Zambians.”

He questioned why Zambia was increasing fuel prices, while neighbouring Tanzania was reducing its fuel pump price.

“It is clear that Lungu is up to ensuring his party milks Zambians at all cost! While Tanzania is reducing its fuel pump price, Lungu and his PF are seeing an opportunity for making money. It is clear that Edgar Lungu and his PF went into government to eat and not to serve the people of Zambia,” he charged.

Katuka stated that nothing would come out of President Lungu’s leadership even if he given more years to rule.

“Ever since Lungu took over leadership, the country’s economy has been sinking! From a growth rate of 7 per cent per annum when PF took over government from the MMD, Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu now projects the economy to decline to two per cent next year,” stated Katuka.

“We urge Lungu to resign and allow for a serious leader to correct the wrongs and economic hardships he has created. Even if Lungu was given more years to rule, nothing can come out of his leadership. He is a failure!”