President Edgar Lungu says the opposition UPND is bringing misery in the country by praying against the rains so that people get frustrated and kick out the ruling Patriotic Front from power at the next elections.

And President Lungu has asked the people of Kaoma to vote for PF candidate Anna Ngombo in the forthcoming council chairperson by-election so that she can help him deliver development to the Western Province town.

Speaking when drumming up support for Ngombo at Mangango Central grounds in Mangango ahead of tomorrow’s by-election, President Lungu charged that the UPND was praying for low water levels in the Kariba Dam so that load shedding continues until people get frustrated and kick out PF.

“If you see the behaviour of UPND in Kafue, their council chairperson was in trouble for simply working with me to clean up Kafue District Market. When we went for the by-election, people of Kafue rebelled against UPND, they were not happy because they were punishing a man who was to work with me to bring development to the people of Kafue. This conduct of UPND in Kafue and in Kaoma confirms our belief that this party wants to come into power by bringing misery and misfortune and disaster to the Zambian people so that the Zambian people are frustrated and in the end they kick the government out,” President Lungu said.

“They think that if there is no development, people are hungry, there are no schools, no hospitals, no medicine in hospitals, people will rise against us. That is why they are fighting us for bringing schools, for bringing development. They want us to fail so that they rise against us but we are not going to allow that. Can you imagine a political party which prays that there is no rain in Zambia so that droughts persist? Can you imagine a political party which goes to pray so that there is no water in the dam so that we don’t generate hydro electricity to supply to our people? Can you imagine a political party which wants the price of mealie meal to go up so that there is no food in Zambia?”

He urged the voters in Kaoma to vote for the PF candidate if they wanted development.

“I’m challenging you to vote for a PF candidate because we have proven that the UPND doesn’t want to work with us. If you chose any other person apart from her, we will find it difficult to deliver development here. Vote for her and I will make sure she delivers. If she doesn’t deliver, I will go for her neck! Let me emphasise that we already have a council in place; we already have an MP in place. What we are doing is that we are just filling in the missing space so that we can work together properly,” said Lungu.