Zesco has explained that load shedding hours have been extended to over 15 hours per day in some parts of the country due to the utility company’s failure to generate enough power at its three main power stations.

Zesco public relations manager Hazel Zulu revealed in a statement that the company was currently experiencing a power deficit of 872 megawatts, which had consequently prolonged load shedding to more than 15 hours a day.

“Zesco Limited wishes to inform its esteemed customers and the general public that power generation at its main power stations namely Kariba, Kafue George and Itezhi-tezhi has significantly reduced with the current power deficit sitting at 872MW (Megawatts). This has led to prolonged load shedding resulting in customers experiencing longer shedding periods of more than 15 hours per day. It is against this background that most areas countrywide are now experiencing longer hours of load shedding. It should be noted that Zesco has continued to control and monitor the balance between the demand and supply of electricity and will adjust accordingly as conditions dictate,” stated Zulu.

“We, however, continue to appeal to our customers to employ energy efficient and conservation initiatives such as switching off lights where not needed and switching off electrical appliances when not in use as well as considering use of alternative sources of energy where possible to help equitably share the available electricity. Zesco deeply regrets the inconvenience this has caused to our esteemed customers.”