Republican President Edgar Lungu has urged the PF in the Eastern Province to be united and be content with whatever positions they have so as not to fall into the “enemy’s” trap.

Speaking when he arrived in Mfuwe for a three day working visit, Thursday, President Lungu said divisions within the party would only make it weaker and expressed happiness at the restored unity in the Province.

“First, I want to thank you for supporting the reconciliation between the party leadership in the province. I can tell you that a house divided cannot stand so when I heard that there was a problem between the Provincial chairman and the provincial youth chairman, I got worried. I want to emphasize that when you are prosperous, united and working together, the enemy is not happy. I know that very soon we will be entering into 2020 and after that we will be geared for 2021 and this is the time that the enemy really, really wants to divide us, so do not align yourself with divisive cartels or groups or factions at all, just be content with your position,” President Lungu said.

“I know that people will tell you ‘you are better than the chairman, why don’t you become the chairman’, this is not how it should be because there is time for everyone, those of you who read the Bible will know that there is a season for everything and a time for everyone’s opportunity. So for that reason, I have instructed the provincial minister Makebi Zulu to work closely with the executive of the provincial leadership of PF working under the chairman so that we coordinate and deliver to the people of the Eastern Province.”

He warned party officials to be weary of divisive elements among themselves.

“The government in Eastern Province is headed by Mr Makebi Zulu, the party in Eastern Province is headed by Mr Andrew Lubusha, now the two need to coordinate and work together. I expect therefore that the party administration and the province will work together to ensure development is delivered to the entire province and ensure that all the district party functionaries are functioning. And I know that sometimes they will tell you that you are better than the other one, you are better than your boss, they are lying, they just want you to be destroyed. A good person will come and tell you that pull up your socks because you don’t have to be lazy, we have to work very hard,” said President Lungu.

“We are a team and we should work as a team because a failure of Makebi Zulu is a failure of Eastern Province, the failure of Andrew Lubusha is the failure of Eastern Province, you cannot be glad with the failure of another in the same team. I am saying all this because I have reports that [there are] some members of parliament who are not working, the members of parliament who are working, some of them are saying ‘ah, nizabo na President wabo’ (leave them with their president). In 2021, you will be judged alone so I urge you to pull up your socks and ensure that you are seen to be functioning at all levels for the party to grow.”

During his visit, the President is set to commission the newly constructed Lumezi Nursing School and acquaint himself with various developmental projects being undertaken in Chadiza, Katete, Lundazi, Chasefu and Vubwi districts.